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Spacebridge meeting Jan 10th 2012 at Noisebridge

Build new payload bus

Cut acrylic components - Onno \ Mark

unified power bus \ power distribution system - Onno \ Mark

Find a up new GPS tracker / APRS Transmitter - Adam

find new source for 2300g balloons - Jason 1) - $25 for surplus manuf in 1982 (!) 2) Same: 3) 1200g for $99 (for testing?): 4) another source, including a possible 3000g balloon: ($120 for 1500g; $385 for 3000g; buy 2 1500g, get 500g free)

Ground support box \ launch organization - ??

ground tracking equipment box - ??

Android tracking, sleep phone when not used - Christopher

Kill switch - ??

Build Birthing bag design - Christopher

get sand bags -

pressure gauge -

Spacebridge meeting Sep 11th 2011 at Noisebridge

Christopher and Onno

- we need a new balloon source

 - the $150 are probably too small
 - the 100g balloons were free

- we need a better battery

 - battery power split/managed
 - better battery for the arduino/intervalometer
   - intervalometer
 - better battery for the camera
 - power bus?

- we need better launch organisation - better cabling for the video equipment - suggestion (Onno, former discussion with Mark): Build nice acryclic frame to mount everything,

 - power wires etc.

- we need video recording - birthing bag - better video receiver

 - 'ground support equipment' with nice video screen, video recording, video

- get legal information/double check on multiple payloads per balloon and

 weight limits

- build a rope-cut device. Avoid running a set of cables to above the

 - parachute. Heat wire around nylon rope?
 - test cutting device in freezer (is completely exposed to ambient
 - temperature!)

- order styrofoam, new, larger - have item tracking list on wiki - cleanup spacebridge wiki pages