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The goal of spacebridge is to become a hacker space-access service for individuals interested in doing high-altitude and orbital (we hope;)) research. As such, we should begin brainstorming about 'fleet procedure', that is: What is a spacebridge launch, how do they sequence, who gets what say/responsibility for each one, etc.

We Have SpaceBridgeAlpha, which is cool, I was just wondering if wanted to establish a naming schema for future launches:

The Obvious Route would be SpaceBridgeBeta or SpaceBridgeBravo, depending on if you're geekiness leans towards Classical Greek or Aviation ICAO, however, I would almost prefer to go with a callsign model, moving forward

SpaceBridgeShip (SBS) Bravo
SBS Charlie
SBS Delta

The nice thing about this, would be in the future if we have any personal projects that we'd like to name something else, we could always dump the ICAO sequence for a more descriptive/epic name (on request of the launch Captain for that particular launch of course).

SBS Nebucannezar
SBS Prometheus



--- The group voted on liking Beta more, the wiki has been edited as such :)