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*BeeLine GPS
*BeeLine GPS
[ website]
[ website]

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[edit] Equipment/connector/battery list

This can be used as a checklist to verify that each component has all it's cables and batteries prior to launch

  • BeeLine GPS
Contains its own battery - LiIon
One cable attached
5V input via mini-USB connector
contains it's own battery - LiIon
Two cables attached
 Antenna cable adapter
 Antenna cable
 Signal input cable
Special* cable (provides 5V power)
Battery cable + > 3.3V batteries (can be up to 7V)
Special* cable
 One 9V battery 
 Special* cable
 PTT radio signal cable
internal LiIon batteries, special charger
16G SDHC card
2 AA batteries (Alkaline - Lithium does not work for some reason. Investigate?)
4G SD card (not SDHC)
USB charge (presumably internal LiIon battery)
8G MicroSDH card

[edit] Cable summary

Packing and verification checklist

  • Special* cable (package tracker, OpenTracker, GPS)
  • PTT cable that includes G1 mixing
  • Antenna cable
  • BNC to RPSMA Antenna adapter
  • Package tracker battery holder

[edit] Battery summary

[edit] External batteries

  • 4-AA Package tracker
  • 1-9V OpenTracker+
  • 2-AA Cannon A700

[edit] LiIon Rechargables

These need to be put on chargers prior to each flight, and investigated for charging voltage and discharge voltage so we can potentially replace them with a battery harness.

  • G1/HTC
  • Radio
  • Tiny Camcorder
  • Cannon IS1100
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