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Spakle Forge Logo.jpg

"In the year 09NB the Sparkle Forge was aligned to the dimension of the flesh forms and from the remains of the luminous heavens they would produce... many trinkets."

- apocryphal Noisebridge repository commit comment

In General

The Sparkle Forge is Noisebridge's new workshop area. It is designed to be a cleaner workshop for plastics and metals; without sawdust, paints, and solvents; although wood and paper sheet goods are cut on the laser cutter. Messy and dusty projects should be worked on in the dirty shop. Due to the Hot Area, storage of flammable items in Sparkle Forge should be avoided. The storing project materials inside the workshop, can limit others access to the tools.

Tools Wanted

  • Gas bottles for MIG welding and 75Ar/25C gas if possible
  • Welding clamping and work piece holding tools
  • Welding safety gear
  • Horizontal band saw for cutting steel sections
  • Welding Tables
  • Hand tools: Files, Hammers
  • an Anvil, these are surprisingly expensive, but people hack together their own anvils as well

Laser Cutter

We have a Laser_Cutter/Kaitian_CM1309 laser cutter. The Laser_Manual describes the current informal consensus on how the laser cutter should be used. Please contact a trainer before using it.

Metal work

For Metal work videos Kevin Caron is a good choice.


We have a Lincoln Electric PRO-MIG 180 WELDER

We have some safety gear on hand for one person for Flux-Core welding. We are still working on getting the bottles and gas for MIG welding, if you have a good lead, let Jarrod know.

For How To welding videos ChuckE2009 has a good assortment of beginner videos for different types of welding.