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It is probably not hyperbolic to state that San Francisco has a housing crisis. Despite a general sympathy and frustration with the shortcomings of capitalism, unfortunately Noisebridge simply does not have the resources to address all these issues - either to function an adequate homeless resource center, nor remain a conducive environment for others to hack while doubling as a shelter.

The nature of creative work means it doesn't always pan out financially, so every now and then even the best of us can have a cash flow problem. This is pretty serious in San Francisco due to its high cost of living. We want you to come to Noisebridge, but we also want you to have a place to call your own and to be able to get to and from there safely. Many of the following items are linked to from San Francisco Homeless Resource, which is a fantastic resource for anyone who finds themselves in a tough situation in our great city.

General Resources

  • Project Homeless Connect
  • The SF Help Charts offer a variety of guides to local social services including hot meals, pantries, shelter, medical care, mental health care, and neighborhood assistance
  • GlideSF offers a variety of programs and services including emergency shelter placement, women's services, health services, a hot meals program, and bagged groceries programs
  • Berkeley Homeless Survival Guide
  • 211 - Call 211 for food, health care, shelter referrals, resources and info
  • [1] - SF Homeless Outreach Team, connects people with resources. (415) 401-2660, (415) 554-8471


Shelters, Housing, Camping, Sleep

  • If you need a safe place to sleep try The Gubbio Project. It's open every weekday 6AM-3PM, 133 Golden Gate. No reservation needed.
  • Sleeping at Noisebridge is not excellent
  • Neither is trolling those who are not bothering you. Offer kind, constructive suggestions and understanding. It could be you in this position.
  • Get involved with Homes Not Jails
  • Free shelter chart (PDF)
  • Reserve a bed at a shelter
  • GlideSF
  • Tenderloin Housing Clinic
  • Hostels (some will let you do work trade), co-ops (some rent cheap bunks or sublets)
  • Larkin Street Youth Center provides emergency shelter placement and a variety of other services to at-risk or homeless youth under 19
  • Couchsurfing
  • Find some roommates or an apartment
  • Camp in Golden Gate Park or one of SF's forested areas



  • Storing stuff on member shelves is not excellent. Member shelves are for projects, material for hacking, and so on. They are not for general posessions.
  • City Storage, 150 Otis St. (between Gough and Duboce), 415-557-6339, Hours: 9am-3:30pm

Employment, Job Skills, Self-improvement


  • The Bike Kitchen is close enough that you can walk to it, and by volunteering your time you can earn enough credit to build your own bike from their spare parts. Some Noisebridge members have bikes from the bike kitchen and although they took some elbow grease, they work great.
  • The Bay Bridge bike bridge is a cheap way to get across the Bay Bridge. It only runs during commute hours, but it's $1 cash each way (exact change only), much less than any other option.
  • 511's online TripPlanner shows public transit options around the Bay

Computers / Wifi

  • Noisebridge wireless access is excellent
  • Dr. Jesus coordinates computer loans and donations through a generous hardware grant to Noisebridge.
  • San Francisco Public Library, Mission Branch is nearby and has computers available to use.
    • other branches, housing projects and some other city facilities (map)
  • St Anthony's Computer Lab
  • free wifi hotspots (corner of 19th and Valencia, Dolores Park, numerous other locations)
  • McDonalds, Starbucks, Safeway, Union Square, the Metreon

Medical Care