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noisebridge has MOVED!  Meetings Tuesday 7pm @ 272 Capp We are OPEN sometimes!

Noisebridge is closed for COVID-19 right now (for safety, following the Governer's order) but meetings and many events like classes are still happening online! Come check out the new Discuss forum and connect with us to check out cool new classes. And we are moving to a new location!

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Noisebridge Is Closed

Consensed on Tues Dec 8, 2020

Capacity Cap at 272 Capp Street: Under Construction and Further Restrictions in this Time of Contagion.

  1. Respecting recently updated city / state requirements for coronavirus safety: Noisebridge is temporarily closed for “business as usual” - limiting activities at 272 Capp Street to “Minimum Basic Operations” and (possibly permitted) construction. While details may change, for the near term safe to say no in-person events such as classes, tours, parties, etc. The city's current 10 PM to 5 AM curfew may apply - in general, we'll be preferring to schedule work during daylight hours anyway.(See SF Shelter in Place Order for details.)
  2. Restricting the number of people indoors at 272 Capp Street to no more than 3 upstairs and 3 downstairs, and (as per current city requirement) mixing no more than 3 households total.
  3. Relying on knowledgeable volunteers to coordinate efforts and facilitate safe working environment with good ventilation, distancing, and sanitation.
  4. Prioritizing projects to safely open the space for more participants - especially ventilation and making good use of outdoor space. Also will need some specific signage and paperwork related to coronavirus precautions, as well as any permits required for construction - and deploying basic safety measures such as fire extinguishers and exit lighting.
  5. Expiring these coronavirus-related restrictions automagically unless re-consensed within 90 days after initial Consensus. Frequent review and revision is expected via discussion at weekly meetings going forward.

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