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Wiki-editing friends: Although Joshua Horowitz has specifically put 'shit' in references to this event, he insists he is not really going for a scatological theme here. Joshua Horowitz and a few others might be wierded out by repeated references to the literal stuff. So Joshua Horowitz and others may want to continue to post on the discuss page if they think that's something we shouldn't be doing. Thanks.

The 1st Perennial San Francisco Stupid Shit No One Needs & Terrible Ideas Hackathon (Stupid Hackathon for Ideas that are Terrible or "Stupid Hackathon" for short) will run

  • 2pm, May 9th to 5pm, May 10th, 2015
  • At Noisebridge (and possibly other Scatological API-friendly sites)


The hackathon needs more people to help make this shit go smoothly and still be fun. Helping out should ITSELF be fun (in an anal-retentive sense?), so please join the party.

Things you can do to help the hackathon:

  • Welcoming other shitty people to Noisebridge, and showing them the lay of the land.
  • Selling shitty t-shirts so that people will not be naked on top.
  • Doing the standard thang of "making sure people's behavior isn't TOO shitty" (in unexcellent ways.)
  •  ???

The below schedule has slots for times, and slots for you shitty people below the times. Please sign up!

Saturday, May 9th

  • 2pm - 4pm
    • Logan W (, 857-756-8623)
    • Torrie
  • 4pm - 6pm
    • Logan W (, 857-756-8623)
    • Torrie
  • 6pm - 8pm
    • Rachel Fong (, 415-638-7951)
  • 8pm - 10pm
    • Rachel Fong (, 415-638-7951)
    • Torrie
  • 10pm - 12am
    • Coursera's Joshua Horowitz (Organizer,, 860-424-2108)
    • Rachel Fong (, 415-638-7951)

Sunday, May 10th

  • 12am - 2am
    • Joshua Horowitz (, 860-424-2108)
    • Logan W (, 857-756-8623)
  • 2am - 4am
    • Logan W (, 857-756-8623)
  • 4am - 6am
  • 6am - 8am
  • 8am - 10am
  • 10am - 12pm
    • Logan W (, 857-756-8623)
  • 12pm - 2pm
  • 2pm - 4pm