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by Patrick, tj, Elaine
by Patrick, tj, Elaine
=== A Watched Pot Never Boils ===
[[File:Watched_pot.jpg|600px|||Pot that only boils when you watch it at stupid hackathon 6]]
A pot that ONLY boils when you watch it.
Link to demo: https://youtu.be/ah-Yv1n21ds?t=3050
by Harrison Lin
=== Aaaaah ===
[[File:Aaaaaah.pngg|600px|||Aaaaah at stupid hackathon 6]]
Social media for yelling existentially into the void.
Link to demo: https://youtu.be/ah-Yv1n21ds?t=3185
by Max Goodhart
=== The One Beer Refrigerator ===
[[File:One_beer_fridge_better_photo.jpg|600px|||One beer refridgerator at stupid hackathon 6]]
For people who don't want to share.
Link to demo: https://youtu.be/ah-Yv1n21ds?t=3384
by Tyler & Carlos
=== Personal Protective Equipment for Babies ===
[[File:Ppe_for_babies.jpg|600px|||PPE for babies at stupid hackathon 6]]
Children are allowed to work for the family business, but there's a supply deficit in safety equipment for babies.
Link to demo: https://youtu.be/ah-Yv1n21ds?t=3522
by Ruth Grace Wong
=== Testing ===
[[File:Testing_at_stupid_hackathon.png|600px|||Testing in Python at stupid hackathon 6]]
An exploration of testing in Python where some tests pass and some tests fail.
Link to demo: https://youtu.be/ah-Yv1n21ds?t=3610
by Marianna Campbell
=== The Future of Cloud Computing ===
[[File:Raining_cats_and_dogs.png|600px|||The Future of Cloud Computing where it's raining cats and dogs in VR at stupid hackathon 6]]
Experience the future of cloud computing in virtual reality, where it's raining cats and dogs.
Link to demo: hhttps://youtu.be/ah-Yv1n21ds?t=3771
by Colin, Alysha, Allan
=== Tab Moreganizer ===
[[File:Tab_moreganizer.png|600px|||Tab moreganizer at stupid hackathon 6]]
Give up organizing your tabs. It's futile.
Link to demo: https://youtu.be/ah-Yv1n21ds?t=4001
by Bryan Chu
=== roast me ===
[[File:Roast_me_stupid_hackathon.png|600px|||Roast me at stupid hackathon 6]]
Struggling with high self esteem? Using the state of the art in machine learning, quantum computing, and bitcoin... an AI that automatically roasts you.
Link to demo: https://youtu.be/ah-Yv1n21ds?t=4197
by wilson zhao
=== An inconvenient taser ===
[[File:Inconvenient_taser.png|600px|||Inconvenient taser at stupid hackathon 6]]
Get zapped every time you stand on your two feet.
Link to demo: https://youtu.be/ah-Yv1n21ds?t=4324
by Erik Dunteman
=== 2 Factor Authentication on every click ===
[[File:Every_click_2fa.jpg|600px|||2FA for every click at stupid hackathon 6]]
Maximize your security.
by Soonho Kwon, Cyrus Tabrizi
=== Degraded internet experience ===
[[File:Degraded_internet_team.jpg|600px|||Degraded internet team at stupid hackathon 6]]
[[File:Degraded_internet_stupid_hackathon.jpg|600px|||Degraded internet team at stupid hackathon 6]]
Go back to the 1990s with this degraded internet chrome extension. Including retro icons!
by Marisa Lu, Gray Crawford
=== Wristrument ===
So you can play music while swatting flies.
Link to demo: https://twitter.com/noisebridge/status/1185768524536414208
by Marisa Lu, Gray Crawford

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