Stupid Hackathon 6

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The Stupid Shit No One Needs and Terrible Ideas Hackathon 6 happened on October 19-20, 2019. It was co-organized by Ruth Wong and Jeff Shaw.

This time we had a lovely website, courtesy of Jeff! event (162 RSVPs):

Facebook event:

Demo live stream:


Danger Popsicles

Popsicle with razor blades inside at Stupid Hackathon 6

Every parent's Halloween nightmare come true

by Danny, Sabrina, Carly

Popcorn Audiobooks

Audiobooks powered by crowd sourcing -- just like reading in kindergarten.

by Jean

Bar Bot Plugin

CD reader module for the Noisebridge bartender robot!

by Fredi and J

Wise bot

A wise chatbot.

> What did you have for breakfast? 42 > What's your favorite color? 42 > What's the meaning of life? I don't care

by Reily

Carbon Dioxide Alarm

Ever wanted to know when your carbon dioxide levels are over 400ppm? This detector alarms all the time.

Link to demo:

by Carly, Gavin

Untitled BART Project

untitled BART project at stupid hackathon 6

This handy SMS service tells you all the trains you missed. Future plans include a ride sharing app for people taking the same train.

Link to demo:

by Kevin Liao, Danny Ben-David

Fax Your Senator Their Horoscope

Fax Your Senator Their Horoscope at stupid hackathon 6

Link to demo:

by Lauren Long, Joey Yang, Alexa Atamanchuk

Pocket Full of Pockets

Pocket Full of Pockets at stupid hackathon 6

the future of fashion for the modern woman

Link to demo:

by Sondhayni Murmu, Viviene De Guzman, Katie Wu, Julie Wu, Meghan Mehta, Camille Ramseur


Talk2Rump at stupid hackathon 6

Wouldn't it be nice if you could get all the people you don't like to talk to another person you don't like? This website lets you have a conversation with the 49th president of the USA.

Link to demo:

by Poom (Phoomparin Mano)

Exploding laptop

Exploding laptop at stupid hackathon 6

Make software engineering as exciting as hardware engineering. This laptop explodes when your code fails to compile.

Link to demo:

by At least: Caroline Hermans, Avi Romanoff, Violet Rose Zitola, The Alchemist, Zach Latta, litbid, Seamus Seamus Seamus

Rock Paper Mayhem

Rock Paper Mayhem at stupid hackathon 6

Rock paper scissors mashed up with video games and twister mechanics to make it as difficult as possible.

Link to demo:

by Derek, J, Ryan, chris


Barnacles talk at stupid hackathon 6

Informative talk about barnacles!

Link to demo:

by Jessica Zhou

Sunscreen applier

Sunscreen applier at stupid hackathon 6

Robot for applying sun screen.

Link to demo:

by Richard Wu, Cliff Lau, Yash Mittal, Shawn Rosenthal, Elias Neuman


LaughableDisney at stupid hackathon 6

A whole new world of bad Disney lyrics.

Link to demo:

by Michael & Simon

Free friends report talk at stupid hackathon 6

Quantify the value of your friendships.

Link to demo:

by Kevin Sun, Jeff Shaw, Kaixi Yang

AI Calculator

AI calculator at stupid hackathon 6

Disrupting the calculator industry by using neural networks to train calculators.

Link to demo:

by Patrick, tj, Elaine

A Watched Pot Never Boils

Pot that only boils when you watch it at stupid hackathon 6

A pot that ONLY boils when you watch it.

Link to demo:

by Harrison Lin


Aaaaah at stupid hackathon 6

Social media for yelling existentially into the void.

Link to demo:

by Max Goodhart

The One Beer Refrigerator

One beer refridgerator at stupid hackathon 6

For people who don't want to share.

Link to demo:

by Tyler & Carlos

Personal Protective Equipment for Babies

PPE for babies at stupid hackathon 6

Children are allowed to work for the family business, but there's a supply deficit in safety equipment for babies.

Link to demo:

by Ruth Grace Wong


Testing in Python at stupid hackathon 6

An exploration of testing in Python where some tests pass and some tests fail.

Link to demo:

by Marianna Campbell

The Future of Cloud Computing

The Future of Cloud Computing where it's raining cats and dogs in VR at stupid hackathon 6

Experience the future of cloud computing in virtual reality, where it's raining cats and dogs.

Link to demo: h

by Colin, Alysha, Allan

Tab Moreganizer

Tab moreganizer at stupid hackathon 6

Give up organizing your tabs. It's futile.

Link to demo:

by Bryan Chu

roast me

Roast me at stupid hackathon 6

Struggling with high self esteem? Using the state of the art in machine learning, quantum computing, and bitcoin... an AI that automatically roasts you.

Link to demo:

by wilson zhao

An inconvenient taser

Inconvenient taser at stupid hackathon 6

Get zapped every time you stand on your two feet.

Link to demo:

by Erik Dunteman

2 Factor Authentication on every click

2FA for every click at stupid hackathon 6

Maximize your security.

by Soonho Kwon, Cyrus Tabrizi

Degraded internet experience

Degraded internet team at stupid hackathon 6

Degraded internet team at stupid hackathon 6

Go back to the 1990s with this degraded internet chrome extension. Including retro icons!

by Marisa Lu, Gray Crawford


So you can play music while swatting flies.

Link to demo:

by Marisa Lu, Gray Crawford