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Did you notice most rootbeer is caffeine free? The goal here is to have fun brewing a non-alcoholic caffeinated rootbeer or ginger ale. To that end we are making the first batches of a Noisebridge label yerba mate-niated rootbrew, gratis and DIY


A recipe hasn't been finalized yet. For the first few batches, carbonators will be used, later natural carbonation will be explored.


  • Syrup for 4 gallon batches of ginger ale and root beer
  • Taragui Mate con Palo
  • 5 Gallon Carboy (secondary fermentation)
  • 5 Gallon Pot
  • Bottle siphon, bottle capper, caps
  • 5 Gallon (Primary fermentation or mixing) bucket
  • airlocks, and miscellaneous brewing supplies


  • 04/03/2009 bottle prep, supplies consolidation, and soda pop/ Y. Mate recipe & brewing research
3 dozen bottles prepped.
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