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Come celebrate with us at Noisebooth
Come celebrate with us at Noisebooth



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Sunday Streets is an SF-wide event Noisebridge participates in.




NOISEBRIDGE PRESENTS BAY AREA HACKERSPACES HACKERFAIRE @ SUNDAY STREETS SOMA 2022 AUGUST 21st! Learn about the hacker and maker spaces all over the Bay Area! Noisebridge Hackerspace celebrated its NB14 14th anniversary in the Mission this year at our new location at 272 Capp St. We're a free creative community excellence space to plug into and inspire one another. Come learn how to make all the things and hack the planet at Noisebooth! We will have Beginner Workshops, Live Music, and Project Displays! We are celebrating not just our space but the whole maker/hackerspace community around the Bay Area and we'll have info and exhibitions showcasing the excellence and there's sure to be a space wherever you or your friends and family live and work! Come celebrate with us at Noisebooth



  • Submit application
  • Review all exhibitor info (
  • Put together proposal draft and show it to the organizers to get mini maker faire
    • Community fee is $25
    • We need to figure out how many other hackerspaces/maker orgs are interested in participating and being neighbors with us
Proposals to improve Noisebridge. Edit


  • Bring big art things to show and attract people like a Flaschentaschen-like LED thing, maybe videos of Flaschen on a screen, windmill, etc.


Sunday Streets 2018


Noisebridge booth form Sunday Streets 2018

Some notes from previous acceptance

MANDATORY TENT WEIGHTS: If you plan to bring your own tent, you are required to bring weights for each leg of your tent at no less than 30 lbs each. If you do not bring sufficient weights, SF permitting agencies may require you to take down your tent.

For tabletop fliers and outreach materials, bring paperweights!

EQUIPMENT RENTALS All equipment orders must be placed and paid for by --(unknown)--. There will be no extra tents weights or other equipment available to rent on event-day. Ensure your equipment rental is up to date and email us here ASAP if you need to make changes.

LEAVE NO TRACE POLICY - Sunday Streets is a waste-free event. Please be prepared to bring a three-bin waste system (landfill, recycle, compost) if you plan on having trash on-site. You will need to sort all refuse if you want to drop in Sunday Streets Recology bins. Here is a great resource on how to properly dispose of your trash -- Zero Waste Checklist For Events.

DRIVING: Move your vehicle by 10:30 AM. No parking is permitted on the Sunday Streets route and no designated parking is provided. Please leave extra time to find parking.