Sunday Streets

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Sunday Streets is an SF-wide event Noisebridge participates in.


Sunday Streets 2022[edit]

Sunday Streets August 21

Sunday Streets July 10

Sunday Streets 2018[edit]


Noisebridge booth form Sunday Streets 2018

Some notes from previous acceptance[edit]

MANDATORY TENT WEIGHTS: If you plan to bring your own tent, you are required to bring weights for each leg of your tent at no less than 30 lbs each. If you do not bring sufficient weights, SF permitting agencies may require you to take down your tent.

For tabletop fliers and outreach materials, bring paperweights!

EQUIPMENT RENTALS All equipment orders must be placed and paid for by --(unknown)--. There will be no extra tents weights or other equipment available to rent on event-day. Ensure your equipment rental is up to date and email us here ASAP if you need to make changes.

LEAVE NO TRACE POLICY - Sunday Streets is a waste-free event. Please be prepared to bring a three-bin waste system (landfill, recycle, compost) if you plan on having trash on-site. You will need to sort all refuse if you want to drop in Sunday Streets Recology bins. Here is a great resource on how to properly dispose of your trash -- Zero Waste Checklist For Events.

DRIVING: Move your vehicle by 10:30 AM. No parking is permitted on the Sunday Streets route and no designated parking is provided. Please leave extra time to find parking.