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Misunderstandings about 85

  • An anonymous coward wrote:

So I'm seeing edit wars and that sucks but there's kind of no option because there's no talk page and now there is so take it here, guys.

I'm wikitransposing a bunch of stuff from the articlespace to here because it's getting out of hand and crufty. Maybe we should start a new page called Beef, and you can just talk shit about people in the space or not in the space bugging you, either signing your posts or like an anonymous little coward. But at the beginning of this page it says, "This is a place to keep track of ... people who have been asked to leave Noisebridge ..." So for now, let's just limit it to that, yeah? If someone hasn't been explicitly individually asked to leave the space, please leave them off 85. As it is it's turning into a "people part of subcultures I don't like" page. 'Cause otherwise this thing is going to get ridiculous and way out of control, with oogles and other annoying individuals. And let's face it, in a place dedicated to people with limited social skills, almost everybody's a bit fucking annoying. <3

Sorry Anonymous Coward, this is completely wrong. 85 is not a list of people who have been kicked out of the space, as implied by your bad attempt at selective quoting (...) above. It's to help solve a specific problem of the space being invaded by non-hackers. It's a tool to help us determine who the problem users of the space are and then ask them to leave. (Jesse Z.)

  • "Please only re-add someone if you know for a fact they've been asked to leave and have specifically refused or been escorted out." --Eric
  • Sorry Eric, that is just not correct. This page is to compare notes with people who may think a person's presence in inappropriate. If a person has already been asked to leave they may be placed on the 86 page. I have not seen Amber in four days and the space has been MUCH MUCH improved as a result. I would very much like it if she never returned. (Jesse Z.)

Old beef

The Oogles

Some people seem to have gotten the impression Noisebridge is a 24-hour hangout and drop-in center, whether or not sleep is permitted. With refrigerators where you can leave your food.

The following people have been accused of using Noisebridge as a crashpad and the general sentiment seems to be that they are not making the space more Excellent.




(guy with cane who isn't Zack)

  • Has not slept or stored stuff at the space in any way.
  • Assisted with Removing Jonathon from the space
  • Has been active in utilizing the space productively.
  • Iraq War Veteran with two purple hearts. (edited by Jedi)

Yogurt Container Man

  • I forget his name. Nice guy, unshaven, pretending extremely hard to not be homeless, plays chess, is really handy at repairing the Occupiers clothes with a needle and thread or with the sewing machines. Stores random things in the shelves in the middle of the space.


Rayc lives at Noisebridge. He doesn't always sleep here, but when he does he feels entitled as fuck. He tells people he works for Noisebridge and thus is allowed to sleep here. He decides who else is allowed. He gives everyone tours, he's giving one right now as I write this, and as usual 90% of wat he is telling people is cringe-inducingly absurd bogus nonsense. He is frequently obviously under the influence of substances of the "upper" variety, and exhibits classic tweaker behaviors like constant reorganizing and "soldering" with plastic (making hella toxic fumes, wtf, please ask him to stop). Rayc obviously means well, but sufficiently advanced incompetence is indistinguishable from malice. Rayc should stop trying to improve Noisebridge infrastructure, stop giving tours, and generally LURK MOAR (aka stfu and chill the fuck out). - Anonymous

  • I hadooped the above text, did a Bayesian analysis of the memes... DING DING DING its JustinDoerr! Are you still sore Rayc freaked out when you sat on him? I think you need to chill a little. - Anonymous
    • Nope, Chuck Testa. Adversarial stylometry is hard, but I'm barely trying here. - Anonymous
  • I, for one, want to say I love rayc' tours. If you have a specific criticism, please mention it, so we can perpetuate awesome institutional culture for newcomers and learn from each other, but it seems to me that rayc always gives tours, when no one else is willing to, that, if nothing else, leave first-time visitors excited and inspired. Whatever other bullshit falls out of his mouth, who cares? People can figure out the rest for themselves, right? As long as they're here and willing to contribute and learn. And that's what rayc' tours do. - Eric
    • The biggest problem with his tours is that they frequently can give people the (accurate) impression there is a tweaker who thinks he's in charge of the place, which is not particularly welcoming (except to tweakers). - Anonymous
  • someone really unchill posted a lot of crap about long time Noisebridge volunteer Rayc. I certainly DO NOT agree with everything Rayc does, but I can't imagine any sane person thinking he is unwanted or is an 'Oogle'. Justin Doerr if you really think Rayc should be escorted from the space, please make one of your hilarious long winded without end rambling tangential requests at the next weekly meeting, so we can laugh at you. - Anonymous
    • Calling him a "long time Noisebridge volunteer" does not address any of the issues above. - Anonymous


  • Justin suffers from a terminal case of Overshare . Often the disease sufferer has ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA that no one gives a flying fig about their daily struggles. The only known cure is polite shunning until the sufferer gets a clue. - Anonymous
  • I assume the "not" in "I promise not to be excellent" was not intentional, but given [1] and [2] it may as well have been. Although I generally agree with his latest wall-o-text about why this page is bullshit, I wish Justin would take the same advice I gave to Rayc above: stop trying to improve Noisebridge, and lurk a lot fucking moar! - Anonymous


Look, I realize Amber, despite her protestations, was the catalyst for much of this. But, to my knowledge, she's never been escorted out of the space. Recently, in fact, she has been making an effort to be more productive, disavow her previous aquaintances, and integrate/interface better with the space. This has redeemed her in the eyes of some, but by no means all, regulars. So she dresses like a hippie and engages in logical fallacies when debating. If that's enough to not want her in the space, then grow a pair and ask her respectfully to not come back until the next Tuesday meeting. If not, then shut up and stop talking shit, or at least filling up 85 with rants.

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