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peeps should try to date entries (i wonder if there's a way to do that automatically?). Example, one entry says "recently"-- who knows when "recently" was?

reverend mik

stop delting my edits!!!! everybody knows hes not allowed back and hes spreading a bunch of garbage about noisebrigde! why am i the only one who cares about this????

- Hello previous poster. This is the Streisand Effect. If you call attention to the Reverend Mik entity disparaging Noisebridge... you have let him win. He's not hanging around the space anymore, why bother recognizing him?

- Also I'd probably stop deleting your entry if you used coherent sentences with proper spelling. The wiki is in English, use proper English.

Censorship of Situation with RayC

Most recent December 17th version of JeffreyATW's excision of the uncensored text of RayC banning incident here is as follows:
Was caught living on top of the building's elevator in February-2014, and was banned for 6 months as a warning. He was caught living in the space again in December-2014. His health problems make it nearly impossible to trust what he will or not do in the future, since we are assuming he is not taking care of himself, and he has come across as severely disruptive to a select few of us in the Noisebridge community as of late. Therefore, Mitch has non-consensually decreed Rayc as unfit to be allowed into Noisebridge ever again, despite the latter's many excellent efforts on behalf of the space over the last several years up to the present and despite a few of his contacts having access to valuable items recently requested for the space; such valuable items as donatable 24 and 48-port Gigabit Ethernet switches, extensive construction material (large boards for multiple kickass library bookcases),...etcetera.

+ Anonymous edit bros unite 19:19, 18 December 2014 (UTC)

~Anonymous IP address maps to
Wave Broadband (WAVEB), 401 Kirkland Park Place, Kirkland,WA
Interestingly, it turns out that links on the 86 page for the banning of Shawn Landden from the space in 2013 shows that Shawn was imprisoned for a time in Bellingham,WA; a quick ~1.5hr drive North from WAVEB's Kirkland address.
Speculation on that?

+ Yeah, definitly agree with the 1st para above. Mitch and the NB cabal's basically thrown Rayce to the dogs in 86ing him at the last meeting. Nobody there big enough to stand up for Rayce and against "Scrooge" Altman before scrooge altm,an set up a Ghost of Christmas future :( --Blessed be podinski to at least try to put in a good word for Rayce :) 07:09, 19 December 2014 (UTC)

Don't live in the space. That's all we ask.
and speaking about living, #HackerLivesMatter....Rayce's!