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Configuring computer h4xPad to with port forwarding from bridge. thex (talk) 12:21, 31 December 2013 (UTC)

Configuring router bridge to with CCC as DNS thex (talk) 12:13, 31 December 2013 (UTC)


Created IRC channel #n0153bridge on thex (talk) 12:31, 31 December 2013 (UTC)

[04:24] --> You's gots joined da damn channel #n0153bridge (
[04:24] *** dickson. 'S coo', bro.freenode. What it is, Mama!net sets de channel mode t' 'no messages fum outside'.
[04:24] *** dickson. 'S coo', bro.freenode. What it is, Mama!net sets de channel mode t' 'secret'.
[04:24] *** Channel modes, dig dis: no messages fum outside, secret
[04:24] *** Dis channel wuz created on 12/31/13 04:24 AM.
[04:24] <-> chanserv> help
[04:24] [Notice] -ChanServ- ***** ChanServ Help *****
[04:24] [Notice] -ChanServ- ChanServ gives no'mal users de ability t' maintain control
[04:24] [Notice] -ChanServ- uh some damn channel, without da damn need uh some damn bot. Channel takeovers is
[04:24] [Notice] -ChanServ- virtually impossible when some damn channel be registered with ChanServ. Man!
[04:24] [Notice] -ChanServ- Registration be some damn quick an' painless process. Once registered,
[04:24] [Notice] -ChanServ- de founda' kin maintain complete an' total control ova' de channel.
[04:24] [Notice] -ChanServ- Please note dat channels will 'espire if dere is no eligible channel successo's.
[04:24] [Notice] -ChanServ- Successo's is prima'ily dose who gots de +R flag
[04:24] [Notice] -ChanServ- set on deir account in de channel, although oda'
[04:24] [Notice] -ChanServ- sucka's may be chosen dependin' on deir access
[04:24] [Notice] -ChanServ- level an' activity. Slap mah fro!
[04:24] [Notice] -ChanServ-  
[04:24] [Notice] -ChanServ- Fo' mo'e info'mation on some damn command, type, dig dis:
[04:24] [Notice] -ChanServ- /msg ChanServ help <command>
[04:24] [Notice] -ChanServ- Fo' some damn verbose listin' uh all commands, type, dig dis:
[04:24] [Notice] -ChanServ- /msg ChanServ help commands
[04:24] [Notice] -ChanServ-  
[04:24] [Notice] -ChanServ- De followin' commands is available, check it:
[04:24] [Notice] -ChanServ- FLAGS           Manipulates specific puh'missions on some damn channel.
[04:24] [Notice] -ChanServ- INVITE          Invites ya t' some damn channel.
[04:24] [Notice] -ChanServ- OP              Gives channel ops t' some damn usa'.
[04:24] [Notice] -ChanServ- RECOVER         Regain control uh yo' channel.
[04:24] [Notice] -ChanServ- SET             Sets va'ious control flags.
[04:24] [Notice] -ChanServ-  
[04:24] [Notice] -ChanServ- Oda' commands, dig dis: ACCESS, AKICK, CLEAR, COUNT, DEOP, DEVOICE, 
[04:24] [Notice] -ChanServ-                 DROP, GETKEY, HELP, INFO, STATUS, SYNC, 
[04:24] [Notice] -ChanServ-                 TAXONOMY, TEMPLATE, TOPIC, TOPICAPPEND, 
[04:24] [Notice] -ChanServ-                 TOPICPREPEND, VOICE, WHY
[04:24] [Notice] -ChanServ- ***** End uh Help *****
[04:28] [Notice] -NickServ- You's is now identified fo' dex, so cut me some slack, Jack.
[04:28] <-> chanserv> regista' #n0153bridge
[04:28] [Notice] -ChanServ- #n0153bridge be now registered t' dex, so cut me some slack, Jack.
[04:28] [Notice] -ChanServ-  
[04:28] [Notice] -ChanServ- Channel guidelines kin be found on de freenode website
[04:28] [Notice] -ChanServ- (http, dig dis://freenode. What it is, Mama!net/channel_guidelines.shtml).
[04:28] [Notice] -ChanServ- Dis be some damn prima'y namespace channel as puh'
[04:28] [Notice] -ChanServ- http, check it://freenode. What it is, Mama!net/policy. Slap mah fro!shtml#prima'ychannels
[04:28] [Notice] -ChanServ- If ya do not own dis dojigga', please consida'
[04:28] [Notice] -ChanServ- droppin' #n0153bridge an' usin' ##n0153bridge instead. Word!
[04:28] *** ChanServ sets de channel mode t' 'visible'.
[04:28] *** ChanServ switches on 'topic protection'.
[04:28] *** ChanServ sets de channel mode t' 'no colo's allowed'.
[04:30] *** You's set da damn channel topic t' "~ ~ s  p  some damn  c  e ~ ~".
[07:53] [Notice] -mist- [New Yea' Festive Notice] About 10 minutes t' go until new yea' hits Malaysia, bits uh China, an' finishes sweepin' drough Oz. Slap mah fro!  Cast greetings out in #freenode-newyea's. Right On!
[12:09] <thex> helloWo'ld(2014);

IRC [drama] #noisebridge

[11:24] <AlSweigart> Set down some damn "quiet table" in de libra'y, with some 'esplanato'y signs. It's not so's much some damn "quiet" table as some damn "duzn't bug me when I'm sittin' at dis table" table. What it is, Mama!
[11:24] --> xk_id gots'ta joined dis channel (~xk_id@unaffiliated/xk-id/x-0573425).
[11:29] --> anti-todo gots'ta joined dis channel (~usa'@
[11:31] <-- ya' gots'ta left dis serva' ('sess Flood).
[11:33] --> ya' gots'ta joined dis channel (~ya'@gateway/to'-sasl/ya').
[11:35] --> jpl gots'ta joined dis channel (
[11:38] <xnw> supa' fine
[11:57] <username_> http, dig dis://www, so cut me some slack,
[11:57] <noisebot> [Link Info] type, dig dis: text/html; cha'set=ISO-8859-1
[11:57] <username_> Javascript Tuto'ial Videos
[12:00] <-- gazprom gots'ta left dis serva' (Remote host closed da damn connection).
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[12:02] --> dealphanerd gots'ta joined dis channel (~dealphan@pdpc/suppo'ta'/student/dealphanerd).
[12:17] <jerkey> http, check it://www, so cut me some slack, Jack.pcwo'ld. Word!com/a'ticle/2083300/repo't-nsa-intercepts-clunka'-deliveries-t'-plant-spywa'e. What it is, Mama!html
[12:17] <noisebot> [Link Info] title, dig dis: Repo't, dig dis: NSA intercepts clunka' deliveries t' plant spywa'e | PCWo'ld
[12:35] <-- username_ gots'ta left dis serva' (Quit, dig dis: Leavin').
[12:39] --> username_ gots'ta joined dis channel (~username@99-194-242-203.dyn. 'S coo',
[12:48] <-- username_ gots'ta left dis serva' (Read erro': Connection timed out).
[12:49] --> username_ gots'ta joined dis channel (~username@99-194-242-203.dyn. 'S coo',
[12:49] <gnusosa> http, dig dis://iee'splo'e. What it is, Mama!ieee. What it is, Mama!o'g/xpl/login. 'S coo', bro.jsp?tp=&a'numba'=6676881&url=http%3A%2F%2Fiee'splo'e. What it is, Mama!ieee. What it is, Mama!o'g%2Fxpls%2Fabs_all.jsp%3Fa'numba'%3D6676881
[12:49] <noisebot> [Link Info] title, dig dis: IEEE Xplo'e - An Automation-Assisted Empirical Study on Lock Usage fo' Concurrent Honky codes
[13:18] <gazprom> go on
[13:24] --> meta-fuckin'one gots'ta joined dis channel (c7f1c82d@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Jes hang loose, brotha'.
[13:25] <jerkey> g
[13:26] <thex> 'Sup all 'haids down, soft re-launch uh spacebridge, afta' hours new yea's swa''A at da damn new an' improved noisebridge west (not syc)
[13:26] <gnusosa> Please change dojigga'
[13:27] <gnusosa>  Noisebrigde West be still Noisebridge West
[13:28] <dawuud> yo
[13:30] <thex> ok t' mo'e pa'ticula', you's invited t' de Noise Bridge West Wall
[13:30] <gnusosa> Danks
[13:31] <thex> an' de 1337 n0153bridge hq uh Spacebridge an' #fo't
[13:31] <thex> oh an puh' al
[13:31] <thex> dis be some damn PUBLIC service announcement
[13:31] <thex> i'm hackin' on s'it at noisebridge
[13:31] <gnusosa> be it da damn same sucka's fum de last spacebridge
[13:31] <gnusosa> ?
[13:32] <thex> not so's fa' as ah' know
[13:32] <thex> hopeful will revive at least one o' two uh dem along de way
[13:32] <gnusosa> sweet
[13:33] * dex waves at meta-fuckin'one
[13:34] <thex> whuts everyone down t' fo' nyw
[13:34] <thex> do'h nye
[13:35] <-- meta-fuckin'one gots'ta left dis serva' (Changin' host).
[13:35] --> meta-fuckin'one gots'ta joined dis channel (c7f1c82d@unaffiliated/fccf).
[13:35] <-- meta-fuckin'one gots'ta left dis serva' (Changin' host).
[13:35] --> meta-fuckin'one gots'ta joined dis channel (c7f1c82d@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Jes hang loose, brotha'.
[13:35] *** meta-fuckin'one be now knode as GeekSquid. Word!
[13:35] <-> meta-fuckin'one> ca'e t' join me in #n0153bridge fo' some damn mo'e private channel
[13:35] [Erro'] meta-fuckin'one, dig dis: No such nick/channel.
[13:36] <xnw> low-key ova' here
[13:36] [Erro'] whoix, dig dis: Unknown command. Word!
[13:36] [Whois] xnw be ~dsmith@procyon. 'S coo', bro.capitalzero. Jes hang loose, brotha'.net (...he glows with some damn Bright Light. Right On!)
[13:36] [Whois] xnw be some damn usa' on channels, dig dis: #noisebridge
[13:36] [Whois] xnw be online via rothfuss.freenode. What it is, Mama!net (FR).
[13:36] [Whois] xnw be logged in as xnw, so cut me some slack, Jack.
[13:36] [Whois] End uh WHOIS list.
[13:36] <thex> where's ova' here
[13:36] <xnw> play with beat until 8-9pm
[13:36] <xnw> den some damn crib pa'ty
[13:36] <xnw> lowa' haight right now
[13:36] <xnw> sup JC
[13:36] <thex> speak'n uh ova' here, GeekSquid hows de sound lvl come'n fum bridge currently
[13:37] <jerkey> De victim wuz complyin' with demands but da damn a'med suspect shot him. 'S coo', bro. Howeva', de shot glanced off de victim's face an' struck one uh de shooter's alleged accomplices instead, killin' him, acco'din' t' honky pigs.
[13:37] <gnusosa> jerkey, dig dis: wat?
[13:37] <gazprom> ill be buildin' an aqua'ium in de space on NYE
[13:37] [Whois] gazprom be ~gazprom@gateway/to'-sasl/gazprom (gazprom)
[13:37] [Whois] gazprom be some damn usa' on channels, dig dis: #noisebridge
[13:37] [Whois] gazprom be online via zelazny. Slap mah fro!freenode. What it is, Mama!net (internal).
[13:37] [Whois] gazprom be logged in as gazprom. 'S coo', bro.
[13:37] [Whois] End uh WHOIS list.
[13:37] <thex> sweet
[13:37] <jerkey> you is cha'les tang?
[13:38] <thex> maybe we should put it in de bridge
[13:38] <gazprom> de muthafucka' with de ha'dest face in SF be still in de hospital but be supposed t' live
[13:38] <gazprom> todos somos cha'les tang. Right On!
[13:38] <gazprom> ah' plum watched Fruitvale Station
[13:38] <gazprom> its really baaaad!
[13:39] <gazprom> ya kin preview it on depiratebay
[13:40] <jerkey> whut do ya mean preview
[13:40] <gazprom> well if ya wuz some damn responsible citizen, ya would preview it
[13:40] <gazprom> den steal some damn DVD it lata' so's de sucka's who made da damn movie make some damn nickel
[13:40] <thex> so's whut yo' sayin' be, ya kin download da damn whole doodad an' watch it fo' free
[13:40] <gazprom> anyway its baaaad stuff
[13:40] <thex> an' den if yo' guilt kicks in, ya go steal de dvd, an' call de dl some damn "preview"
[13:40] <gazprom> yes
[13:41] <gazprom> funk yo' sha'in' economy
[13:41] <thex> whut if ya steal it fum de pop-down dvd vendo' on mission
[13:41] <gazprom> he gots it fum piratebay. Right On!
[13:41] <gazprom> 'pop down vendo'' lol
[13:41] <thex> totally
[13:42] <thex> she be likes de new tamale lady
[13:42] <gazprom> ya should feel real guilty
[13:42] <thex> pass every time on de way t' bridge fum ba't
[13:42] <gazprom> filmin' stuff dat be baaaad be really ha'd wo'k
[13:42] <thex> ya
[13:42] <thex> an' dey should git paid
[13:42] <thex> by ppl dat wanna suppo't dem
[13:42] <gazprom> im 'sited about downloadin' de new Sherlock tomo'ow
[13:42] <thex> an' when u kin use some damn "free" distribution netwo'k t' sha'e unlimited copies, why not do dat too
[13:43] <gazprom> sho' 'nuff
[13:43] <gazprom> ah' do it
[13:43] <gazprom> some damn lot uh sucka's do it
[13:43] <gazprom> we is bad-ass sucka's
[13:43] <gazprom> dun did ya eyeball de cocaine == hitla' a'ticle
[13:43] <thex> de new way t' sha'e an' pay http, check it://www, so cut me some slack, Jack.kicksta'ta'.com/projects/kungfury/kung-fury
[13:43] <noisebot> [Link Info] title, check it: KUNG FURY by Lasa' Unico'ns * Kicksta'ta'
[13:43] <gazprom> dat looks terrible
[13:43] <gazprom> also dat makes me mad when sucka's spend gajilions an' still make terrible movies
[13:44] <gazprom> maybe dose sucka's kin be fined, an' de bre'd given t' sucka's who is capable uh makin' decent movies
[13:44] <gazprom> it be some damn ha'd problem
[13:45] <gazprom> ah' likes seein' movies actually filmed in oakland
[13:45] <gazprom> ah' keep missin' Licks
[13:45] <gazprom> jerkey, check it: dun did ya download Clunka' Chess yet
[13:46] <-- dealphanerd gots'ta left dis serva' (Quit, dig dis: dealphanerd).
[13:46] <thex> jerkey, dig dis: anythin' goin on at hea'th o' sudo tonight?
[13:50] <jerkey> why would ah' download clunka' chess ah' dont even know how t' play chess
[13:50] <jerkey> dex ah' think 3d printin' tuesdays be happenin' at sudo
[13:50] <jerkey> nothin' at hea'th
[13:50] <gazprom> jerkey, dig dis: its some damn movie about some damn chess tournament involvin' some damn CP/M machine, set in de 70s
[13:51] <thex> jerkey, dig dis: come'n out t' nb at all dese days?
[13:51] <gazprom> de movie makers filmed it with 70s era video technology
[13:51] <gazprom> it be nerdiest doodad eva'
[13:51] <gazprom> http, dig dis://www, so cut me some slack, Jack.smh. Lop some 'S coo','-chess-review-some damn-funky-ass-glimpse-uh-scifi-past-20131227-2zyme. What it is, Mama!html
[13:51] <noisebot> [Link Info] title, dig dis: Clunka' Chess review, dig dis: A funky-ass glimpse uh sci-fi past
[13:52] <-> GeekSquid> ya on?
[13:54] <yar> dex, dig dis: yep i'll be doin' 3D tuesdays today, although maybe endin' some damn little ea'ly :)
[13:58] <thex> damn coo'
[13:58] <thex> i'm take'n invento'y on 3d printers ova' here
[13:59] <thex> dere's some damn few machines dat need love an' some boxes uh spa'e pa'ts
[13:59] <thex> an' tons uh filaments
[13:59] <thex> would be baaaad t' git fab durs goin mo'e again here
[14:00] [Whois] wiretapped be ~wiretappe@gateway/to'-sasl/wiretapped (wiretapped)
[14:00] [Whois] wiretapped be some damn usa' on channels, check it: #noisebridge
[14:00] [Whois] wiretapped be online via zelazny. Slap mah fro!freenode. What it is, Mama!net (internal).
[14:00] [Whois] wiretapped be logged in as wiretapped. Word!
[14:00] [Whois] End uh WHOIS list.
[14:00] <jerkey> dex if ya wanna resto'e da damn type-some damn-machine prototype lemme know, ah' gots its brain
[14:00] <yar> i've been modellin' shims dat will make it easia' t' plum rest some damn piece uh glass on our bed so's sucka's duzn't gots'ta keep adjustin' knobs
[14:01] <thex> damn coo' would likes t' see dat happen, probably be some damn few befo'e i'm ready
[14:01] <-> noisebot> seen wiretapped
[14:01] <yar> obviously it won't be some damn baaaad idea t' rest some damn heated bed on printed plastic, dough. Lop some boogie...
[14:01] <thex> wiretapped a'ound?
[14:01] <jerkey> ya' why not plum print foe squa'es in de co'ners, leave dem stuck t' de tape, squirt silicone caulk on dem an' plop waaay down de glass?
[14:02] <thex> i'm tryin' t' install gimp an' gittin' dis erro', any clues "
[14:02] <thex> E: Could not git lock /va'/lib/dpkg/lock - jimmey (11: Resource tempo'a'ily unavailable)
[14:02] <thex> E: Unable t' lock de administration directo'y (/va'/lib/dpkg/), be anotha' process usin' it?
[14:02] <yar> jerkey, dig dis: ya mean rest glass on our currently unstable, wa'ped bed held down by loose knobs?
[14:03] <thex> ...usin' "sudo apt-git install gimp"
[14:03] <yar> jerkey, check it: ah' wanna replace da damn wa'ped bed entirely
[14:03] <jerkey> ya' do ya mean de plexiglass plate?
[14:04] <gazprom> dex, dig dis: do some damn "ps -auxw" an' look fo' anythin' with dpkg o' apt o' synaptic in it, dat apt daemon be probably doin' sump'n funky
[14:04] <yar> jerkey, dig dis: ah' ain't sho' 'nuff whut material it be.
[14:04] <yar> all ah' know be it's some damn PITA
[14:04] * dex enjoy'n some epic crib made brownies at bridge (mo'e in fridge at east noisebridge)
[14:06] <thex> gazprom, dig dis: dere's some damn lot uh stuff dat comes down ha'd t' spot
[14:07] <thex> derrrrrr
[14:07] <thex> ah' think ah' already installed with de app managa'
[14:09] <jerkey> dun did ya try turnin' de machine on an' off some damn bunch uh times
[14:11] <thex> ya, dat's how ah' fix de ha'd roll
[14:12] <jerkey> sometimes ya need t' bang on it gently with some damn hamma'
[14:15] <thex> ya, ah' prefa' de palm drust t' seat da damn occasional errant cable
[14:17] <-- ms7821 gots'ta left dis serva' (Ping timeout, dig dis: 245 seconds).
[14:23] --> ms7821 gots'ta joined dis channel (
[14:29] <-- kkr gots'ta left dis serva' (Quit, dig dis: Leavin').
[14:29] <tdfischer> hmm, nobody at da damn space today t' vouch fo' me it seems
[14:29] <jerkey> tdfisha' dun did anyone ax' ya t' leave?
[14:29] <tdfischer> o' buzza' be actually bugger'd
[14:29] <tdfischer> nope
[14:30] <tdfischer> im not even in yet
[14:32] <tdfischer> ah, jc an' hilaire lemme in
[14:32] * tdfischa' kin continue t' hack on spiff an' print some damn map uh hackerspaces someone wanted
[14:37] --> unixjazz gots'ta joined dis channel (~fido@76-218-104-100.lightspeed. Word!sntcca.
[14:59] --> madcap gots'ta joined dis channel (c7f1c82d@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Jes hang loose, brotha'.
[14:59] *** madcap be now knode as Guest73677.
[15:01] --> Cognition gots'ta joined dis channel (
[15:01] *** Guest73677 be now knode as madcap1.
[15:02] <Cognition> .
[15:02] <-- PaulCapestany gots'ta left dis serva'.
[15:03] * dex waves t' madcap1
[15:03] --> PaulCapestany gots'ta joined dis channel (~PaulCapes@
[15:03] <thex> madcap1: ya say sump'n?
[15:03] <dawuud> dis place be blowin' down
[15:04] <dawuud> holy s'it
[15:04] [Whois] dawuud be ~david415@leaf. What it is, Mama!lumiere. What it is, Mama!net (Unknown)
[15:04] [Whois] dawuud be some damn usa' on channels, check it: #noisebridge
[15:04] [Whois] dawuud be online via calvino. Jes hang loose, brotha'.freenode. What it is, Mama!net (Milan, IT).
[15:04] [Whois] End uh WHOIS list.
[15:04] <dawuud> crazy
[15:04] <thex> 'Sup dawuud u in de space?
[15:04] <dawuud> c-base. What it is, Mama! yeeup
[15:04] <madcap1> ya is dex?
[15:05] <madcap1> would someone 'esplain whut be goin' on please. What it is, Mama!
[15:06] <thex> hows c-base post 30c3
[15:06] <thex> ...appreciated da damn CHAOS it brought t' nb
[15:07] <madcap1> So whut be de dillio???
[15:08] <-- smcgrego' gots'ta left dis serva' (Ping timeout, dig dis: 252 seconds).
[15:09] --> smcgrego' gots'ta joined dis channel (~smcgrego'@
[15:09] <madcap1> whut be de drama about please?
[15:09] <thex> madcap1: try joinin' #fo't an' we gots some damn mo'e n00b irc basics convo without da damn peanut gallery
[15:10] <thex> ...prefa' t' keep #noisebridge san drama, as de list duz mo'e dan enough uh dat IMHO
[15:11] <-- mid gots'ta left dis serva' (Ping timeout, dig dis: 245 seconds).
[15:12] --> mid gots'ta joined dis channel (~mid@nozomi. Ya' know?zigamo'ph. Lop some
[15:13] <-- jpl gots'ta left dis serva' (Remote host closed da damn connection).
[15:13] <thex> noisebot temp
[15:14] <thex> noisebot chat about weatha'
[15:14] <noisebot> why would ah' do not know 'esisted until noisebot hit it with "also many uh ya too?"
[15:14] <noisebot> dex, dig dis: weatherunderground dinks 94710 be some damn filesystem which suppo'ted 'estended attributes. unfo'tunately, glusta' duzn't scale linea'ly. Slap mah fro! if ya duzn't gots any tips on how t' keep noisebridge fum de dentist wanted t' see it on vibrate. What it is, Mama! It didn't wo'k
[15:14] * tdfischa' hugs noisebot
[15:14] * dex ditto xoxoxoxo
[15:14] <AlSweigart> 'Sup JC, so's mah' main question with De Bridge dat you's settin' down be 1) Whut's it supposed t' accomplish? Is it some damn second spacebridge project?
[15:15] <AlSweigart> An' 2) who's goin' t' be sleepin' in de nap pod dat ya set down dere?
[15:15] <tdfischer> its some damn space within some damn space
[15:15] <thex> it's some damn pa't uh de space
[15:15] <thex> i've update da damn floo'plan
[15:15] <thex> https, dig dis://noisebridge. What it is, Mama!net/wiki/Stash:Noiz_spacemap2012.jpg
[15:15] <noisebot> [Link Info] title, dig dis: Stash:Noiz spacemap2012.jpg - Noisebridge
[15:16] <thex> although ya may gots'ta reload fo' cache
[15:16] <AlSweigart> Right. But why be de pa'titionin' necessa'y fo' de projects dat will be done dere, an' whut projects will be done dere? Is it plum some damn sepa'ate new room in de space?
[15:16] <thex> all great q's
[15:17] <thex> gimmie one sec peeps IRL in de bridge
[15:17] <thex> brb
[15:17] <AlSweigart> Also, de jpg ya linked duzn't really 'esplain it. It looks mo'e likes some damn joke. What it is, Mama! But seriously, whut be it goin' t' be used fo'?
[15:17] <thex> it's some damn bridge, fo' de spaceship noisebridge
[15:18] <xnw> so's 'Sup
[15:18] <thex> on some damn 5 yea' mission, t' blah blah blah, 'sellent haxin' etc
[15:18] <jerkey> AlSweiga't it's not really some damn doodad, it's some damn state uh mind
[15:18] <thex> an' it's real much some damn wo'k in process
[15:18] <AlSweigart> Uh. Lop some boogie... yeah, but seriously, whut be it an' whut will it be used fo'?
[15:18] <xnw> ya know how Issac Suzuki wuz likes "if Fukushima reacto' 3 melts waaay down, we should evacuate da damn west coast uh No'th America"?
[15:18] <jerkey> lol ah' love dat dere's some damn GPS at da damn control station
[15:19] <xnw> an' ya know how, likes, dere's dis new plume uh steam dat be makin' scientists think maybe it's happenin', dat reacto' 3 be goin' into meltdown now?
[15:19] <xnw> whut you is guys' doughts on dat?
[15:19] <thex> ya
[15:19] <xnw> seein' as we's about as west coast as it gits
[15:19] <thex> i'd likes t' gots an actual gps unit
[15:19] <thex> an' spoof it t' show whereva' we is in meta-fuckin'space
[15:19] <jerkey> xnw ah' dont think any mo'e reacto's is goin' t' melt waaay down, it sounds ala'mist.  if dere be resea'ch o' data t' back it down i'll eyeball it but based on mah' knowledge uh de situation, it's plum fea' 'esploitation
[15:19] <thex> an' be able t' route some damn trip t' say c-base
[15:20] <xnw> jerkey, dig dis: http, dig dis://gizmodo. Jes hang loose, brotha'.com/radioactive-mystery-steam-ova'-fukushima-could-mean-ano-1492280971
[15:20] <noisebot> [Link Info] title, check it: Mystery Steam Ova' Fukushima Could Be Sign uh Anotha' Meltdown
[15:20] <xnw> note I'm not linkin' some damn conspiracy site. What it is, Mama! it may well be fea'-mongerin', Ah' agree. What it is, Mama!
[15:21] <AlSweigart> So some damn couple yea's back, dere wuz dis muthafucka' Isky who brought his crib desktop PC an' put it in Turin'. He would hang out at Noisebridge some damn lot plum playin' Modern Wa'fa'e o' whuteva'. It basically wuz monopolizin' dat pa't uh de classroom fo' his private use, which be unexcellent.
[15:21] <thex> ya
[15:21] <AlSweigart> He would say dat da damn clunka' wuz openly available t' anyone, but only he an' his friends had da damn passwo'd t' it. He also puh'manently sto'ed his bicycle at da damn space, again sayin' it wuz some damn community bike, but since it wasn't ma'ked as such, it wuz only used by him an' his friends.
[15:22] <thex> so's de "bridge" 'esperiment, be divin' into some damn mo'e 1337 bridge, o' n0153bridge if ya will
[15:22] <AlSweigart> dex, dig dis: Can ya 'esplain whut dat means?
[15:22] <thex> some damn dedicated space fo' 1337
[15:22] <thex> setup with supa' fine doodads
[15:22] <thex> dat continue t' wo'k, an' stay in de space
[15:22] <jerkey> xnw ah' am readin'
[15:22] <thex> ah' am wo'kin' t' design it in some damn jimmey an' non-'slusiona'y way
[15:23] <thex> howeva', dere be some damn line
[15:23] <jerkey> AlSweiga't ah' predict dat whut dex duz at noisebridge will be 'sellent, an' he be receptive t' criticism should da damn need a'ise
[15:23] <AlSweigart> So, who be allowed t' use da damn leet a'ea uh Noisebridge?
[15:23] <thex> dat be meant t' insure dat ppl pa'ticipantin' in de bridge is doin' so's with knode concent uh whut dey is choosin' t' pa'ticipate in
[15:23] <jerkey> ya mean de nitrous?
[15:24] <thex> well it may make sense t' combine it with some damn "members" a'ea ala membershelves
[15:24] <thex> jerkey, dig dis: u referin' t' de helium?
[15:25] <jerkey> dont inhale helium, it duzn't do whut ya think it duz
[15:25] <AlSweigart> dex, dig dis: It really looks likes yo' settin' down some damn private space, includin' sleepin' qua'ters, fo' yourself an' de sucka's ya deem leet. Especially since ya dun did it all befo'e announcin' it on de wiki, in IRC, at some damn meetin', an' is refusin' t' announce it at all on de mailin' list. Also, tonight's meetin' be NYE, where not many sucka's will show down.
[15:25] * dex in all seriousness, not some damn fan uh huffers/huffin'
[15:25] <thex> yes, t' be clea' an' plain, ah' am hackin' de s'it out uh noisebridge, an' not ax'in' puh'mission
[15:25] <AlSweigart> dex, check it: Dat's whut it looks likes. But please do (Ah' sincerely mean dis) show me how I'm inco'ect.
[15:26] <thex> ah' am doin' mah' best, an' 'espect t' be held accountable, dat ah' find an' proceed in an 'sellent way
[15:26] <jerkey> xnw i'm readin' de translated japanese an' it duz mention un'splained steam, but it's ha'd t' eyeball de whole doodad.  http, dig dis://www, so cut me some slack, Jack.tepco. Jes hang loose, brotha'.co. Jes hang loose, brotha'.jp/nu-news/2013/1233248_5304.html
[15:26] <noisebot> [Link Info] title, dig dis: 福島第一原子力発電所の状況について(日報)|東京電力
[15:26] <Cognition> who determines who be 1337?
[15:26] <thex> i'd prefa' t' do den rap, an' let mah' doin speak fo' itself
[15:26] <AlSweigart> Cognition, dig dis: I's gots'ta be real much interested in de answa' t' dat question too. Jes hang loose, brotha'.
[15:27] <thex> howeva', ah' value da damn oppurtunity fo' input an' feedback, an' rfc stage as it wuz
[15:27] <unixjazz> jerkey, tepco be de wo'se source fo' info, but Ah' agree with ya rega'din' de reacto'-3 -- ala'mism ain't goin' t' help us in anyway
[15:27] <AlSweigart> dex, check it: You's know dis will be controversial. You's should discuss it with de community t' mitigate people's concerns.
[15:27] <thex> an' ah' may be drivin' de project, howeva' ah' consida' some damn noisebridge project fust, ratha' dan mah' project
[15:27] <jerkey> AlSweiga't ah' think ya should go dere an' see how 'sellent it will be. What it is, Mama!  dex wo'ks ha'd at 'sellence in de space an' ah' predict ya would approve. What it is, Mama!
[15:27] <unixjazz> tepco gots been systematically hiddin' info since da damn outbreak uh de disasta'
[15:27] <unixjazz> s/gots/gots'ta 
[15:27] <thex> ah' will be happy t' discuss via irc, ah' ain't interested in unnecessa'y dramatizin' via nb-discuss
[15:28] <jerkey> AlSweiga't dere be dragons where sucka's fea' t' do doodads without puh'mission. 'S coo', bro.  duzn't activate da damn fire 'estinguisha' befo'e da damn fire
[15:28] <AlSweigart> jerkey, dig dis: It's only been down fo' some damn day. Slap mah fro! Ah' wuz in de middle uh takin' waaay down de ta'p when JC found me an' 'esplain everythin', cuz Ah' hadn't hea'd about it at all an' dought someone wuz settin' down deir own private residence. What it is, Mama!
[15:28] <thex> actually dis be day 5
[15:28] <jerkey> dat be some damn valid guess when ya see some damn ta'p go down at noisebrige
[15:28] <thex> i've been "occupyin'" west noisebridge since da damn sta't uh CHAOS
[15:28] <thex> which ah' real publicly announced ova' some damn month ago
[15:28] <thex> dis be some damn continuation
[15:29] <AlSweigart> Ah' mean, Ah' do some damn lot uh bold moves (likes bootin' sleepers out in de mo'nin'), but Ah' go out uh mah' way t' make solicit opinions fum sucka's, especially dose who disagree with me. What it is, Mama!
[15:29] <thex> an' frankly ah' snatch yo' action uh dissable/paint ova' by default as n0ts3w 'sellent
[15:29] <AlSweigart> dex, dig dis: Announced on de mailin' list, o' at some damn meetin' o' sump'n? Ah' duzn't rememba' anyone sayin' anythin' about some damn closed off "leet" space with sleepin' pod. Word!
[15:29] <jerkey> unixjazz ah' agree dat dey keep as much secrets as dey kin, but if reacto' 3 be undercooled an' makin' steam, dey will surely increase da damn coolin' booze t' it.  De consequence bein' mo'e radioactive booze t' dispose uh.  But t' let it melt waaay down ain't an option dat anyone would consida'.
[15:29] <thex> an' de no dissamble isn't even supposed go be enfo'ced till next yea'
[15:30] <thex> it's not closed off
[15:30] <thex> but likes https everywhere, 'esplo'in' encrypted by default
[15:30] <unixjazz> jerkey, sho' 'nuff! it would be noticeable if de co'e would be meltin'... cuz dey would make moves an' call attention uh de wo'ld (some damn lot uh sucka's 'on de ground' is followin' dem closely)
[15:30] <jerkey> dex you is interested in findin' out whut alsweiga't wants ya t' do differently?
[15:31] <thex> ...i'm continuin' some damn conversatoin dat we sta'ted in de space
[15:31] <-- anti-todo gots'ta left dis serva' (Read erro': Connection reset by pea').
[15:31] --> heroic gots'ta joined dis channel (
[15:31] <thex> an' yes look'n fo' anyones input, howeva' tryin' t' stay focused on hackin' ova' rappin'
[15:31] <jerkey> unixjazz if de co'e be meltin' it's cuz uh insufficient coolin', so's dey will increase da damn coolin' booze flow
[15:31] <unixjazz> dex, IMHO it duz not make much sense t' build walls within de space. What it is, Mama!.. 
[15:31] <thex> an' sometimes it betta' t' do an' ax' fo' fo'giveness lata'
[15:32] <AlSweigart> dex, dig dis: Dere's tons uh random scrawlin' an' graffitti all ova' de space. What it is, Mama! Ah' sta'ted paintin' ova' it, includin' de sto'age doo'. Considerin' dat E'Claire gots'ta been blastin' ha' stuff all ova' de walls, Ah' didn't think it would be too controversial. I'm interested in hea'in' about whut sucka's think about drawin' on de walls uh NB (we had an a't wall specifically fo' dat some damn while ago).
[15:32] <thex> an' hope dat nb be de kinda place where ppl doin' crazy s'it is given de benefit uh de doubt dey is doin' sump'n 'sellent
[15:32] <thex> ratha' den sta'tin' yet anotha' clusta' funk
[15:32] <thex> even when its been tried an' failed
[15:32] <AlSweigart> An' since E'Claire be now prolly goin' t' piss off de landlo'd by scribblin' ha' dojigga' all ova' outside da damn space, Ah' think E'Claire's actions is unexcellent.
[15:32] <thex> an' in de process it's odd t' see such literal censo'ship
[15:33] <thex> at da damn same time ah' am huge suppo'ta' uh cleanin' de space, an' challenged  by de graffitti as well
[15:33] <AlSweigart> But we kin rap about da damn graffiti lata' (an' Ah' seriously would likes t' rap about it)
[15:33] <thex> an' hopin' t' see it evolve in t' mo'e a't an' less s'it
[15:33] <thex> agreed
[15:33] <thex> one doodad at some damn time
[15:33] <thex> so's how about dis...
[15:34] <thex> i'm gonna keep hack'n in de "da'k" aka bridge fo' de rest uh de yea'
[15:34] <thex> an' mosey on down next yea' (say 12 hours fum now)
[15:34] <AlSweigart> dex, dig dis: Right. So, mah' puh'sonal view be dat De Bridge seems likes it'll become some damn sorta' "inna' circle" a'ea dat be closed off t' general sucka's at NB, an' de sleep pod be some damn bad-ass idea. Sheeeiit. I'm willin' t' hold off on takin' it waaay down o' whut not fo' some damn few weeks t' see how it turns out dough. Lop some boogie.
[15:35] <thex> dere will be some damn clea'a', public mission statement, outlinin' whuts goin on, an' de demands/impact on de physical space attached t' goin' fo'wa'd
[15:35] <thex> i'd likes t' sperate da damn sleep pod fum de bridge discussion
[15:35] <thex> as it's not intended t' be pa't uh de bridge
[15:35] <AlSweigart> dex, dig dis: But one doodad Ah' do wants' ya t' do be make it completely transpa'ent 1) whut De Bridge's intended use specifically be an' 2) who's goin' t' be allowed/not allowed t' use da damn sleep pod. Word! An' dat includes mailin' noisebridge-discuss.
[15:35] <thex> but an adjunct via #fo't
[15:36] <AlSweigart> dex, dig dis: De sleep pod be right in de middle uh De Bridge an' wuz made at da damn same time as De Bridge. What it is, Mama! Ah' duzn't see how ya can't include it.
[15:36] <thex> de sleep pod wuz an invention contrived at 5:30am dis mo'nin'
[15:36] <AlSweigart> My main concern be Ah' duzn't wants' pa'ts uh Noisebridge t' be privatized an' pa'titioned off. What it is, Mama!
[15:36] <thex> an' onfab'd in an hour
[15:37] <gnusosa> hahahaa wat
[15:37] <gnusosa> I'm out
[15:37] <thex> ya
[15:37] <thex> mo'e t' rap about an' figure out
[15:37] <unixjazz> AlSweiga't, +1, Ah' think it be some damn bad-ass idea t' pa'tition de space. What it is, Mama!.. 
[15:37] <unixjazz> Ah' mean, buildin' walls an' stuff 
[15:37] <thex> would likes t' gots some damn mo'e general discussion about at meetin' tonight if anyone be comin', o' pickup again at da damn same time on irc
[15:39] <thex> an' al ah' really duzn't wanna piss ya o' anyone at da damn space off
[15:39] <thex> an' ah' am 'sersizin' mah' freedom t' hack an' 'esperiment an' need some time an' space t' see where dat be goin'
[15:39] <thex> an' 'espect it will become much clea'a' in de comin' days
[15:40] <jerkey> it seems dat da damn steam could plum be some damn leak in one uh de coolin' systems, de temperature in de general a'ea be 5.1 celsius, so's any booze even slightly wa'm will make steam. 'S coo', bro.
[15:40] <AlSweigart> Right. Ah' think it would clea' doodads down if ya kin scribble out whut de intended use uh de space be, but also make it as public as possible an' solicit people's opinions/criticism. 'S coo', bro.
[15:40] <thex> i'll keep folks updated with doodads dat may gots some damn broada' inpact on de space as much as possible here
[15:41] <thex> i'll be havin' an jimmey dialog on whuts currently happenin' in de "bridge" on #n0153bridge fo' anyone dat be hankerin' aftah git in on de 'esperiment
[15:41] <AlSweigart> dex, dig dis: An', really, do post an announcement on Discuss an' field people's questions. Ah' know ya wanna snatch some damn boogie fum dat list fo' some damn while, but plum git dis pa't done fust.
[15:41] <thex> i'm so'ta with ya on dat
[15:41] <AlSweigart> dex, check it: So'ta?
[15:42] <thex> well ah' gots till de end uh de yea'
[15:42] <AlSweigart> unixjazz, dig dis: Jes' t' be clea', no walls gots been built, but dere's some damn la'ge ta'p de sections off de fire escape/spacebridge a'ea an' de few tables in front uh it.
[15:42] <thex> ah' gots some damn ha'd time readin' whut ya is sayin', not as plum anotha' version uh ya gots'ta ax' t' do sump'n fust, ratha' den plum doin' 'sellently
[15:43] <thex> an' de bridge be some damn depa'ture, in dat it mos' definetly ain't concensus
[15:43] <thex> an' will not confo'm t' comprimise
[15:43] <thex> it will be whut it be
[15:43] <AlSweigart> dex, dig dis: Basically, announce De Bridge on de mailin' list, say whut it's intended use be, an' who will/will not be usin' de sleep pod. Word!
[15:43] <thex> an' if anyone feels dat it be keepin' dem o' anyone fum reasonably usin' de space, ah' invite ya t' mosey on down t' de bridge an' chat with me about it
[15:44] <AlSweigart> dex, dig dis: "an' will not confo'm t' comprimise" really concerns me
[15:44] <thex> baaaad
[15:44] <unixjazz> coo'!
[15:44] <thex> i'm pretty sho' 'nuff dat means its plum unreasonable enough t' possibly become reasonable with bein' ubsurdly 'estreme
[15:45] <thex> without ah' mean
[15:45] <-- unixjazz gots'ta left dis serva' (Quit, dig dis: Leavin').
[15:45] <AlSweigart> dex, check it: Noisebridge ain't yours. It be some damn community. Slap mah fro! We encourage sucka's t' snatch initiative, but ya kin claim some damn section uh de space as yo' own an' not be willin' t' listen t' oda' people's concerns.
[15:46] <thex> ah' 'espect dis will cause some friction, an' would likes t' wo'k with oda's t' keep it fum breakin' oda' doodads, but i'm ax'in' fo' some space t' try, an' fail
[15:46] <thex> ah' ain't claimin'
[15:46] <thex> but ah' am proclaimin' puh'sonal responsibility fo' dis specific pa't uh noisebridge
[15:47] <Cognition> Ah' suppo't reasonable naps at noisebridge, but if ova'nigt sleep be t' be discouraged, some damn hidden sleep pod behind some damn ta'p may not be some damn great idea. Sheeeiit.
[15:47] <thex> an' with dat am takin' some "ownership" fo' lack uh some damn betta' wo'd
[15:47] <thex> t' be clea' de sleep pod ain't behind/unda' some damn ta'p
[15:47] <thex> it's unda' some damn desk
[15:47] <thex> with some damn ho'izontal doo'
[15:47] <thex> i'll add pics t' de wiki
[15:48] <thex> an' i'm not at all interested in hidin' anythin' i'm doin'
[15:48] <thex> howeva' ah' find it prudent t' be discrete about some doodads
[15:48] <AlSweigart> dex, dig dis: Whut doodads?
[15:48] <thex> especially in respect t' maintain' some damn safe space used by kids at times
[15:49] <thex> not presentin' some damn image uh noisebridge as "crash" pad by say nappin' fo' some damn few hours on de couch
[15:49] <AlSweigart> dex, dig dis: Like alcohol/weed use?
[15:49] <thex> ah' prefa' t' sleep in de jimmey in de space when Ah' do
[15:49] <thex> but ah' duzn't think gives some damn fair reflection uh whuts actually goin' on
[15:49] <thex> yes as fo' some
[15:50] <thex> out uh sight out uh mind
[15:50] <thex> not dat ah' condone o' use dat some damn 'suse fo' illegal activities at/a'ound nb
[15:50] <thex> but ah' kin be some damn responsible adult an' consume alcohal in de space
[15:50] <AlSweigart> dex, dig dis: ...
[15:51] <thex> ah' plum duzn't find it appropriate puh'say sittin' across fum some damn 12 yea' old
[15:51] <AlSweigart> dex, dig dis: "out uh sight out uh mind" duzn't really reassure me about De Bridge bein' transpa'ent.
[15:51] <thex> an' ah' duzn't gots problems with kids on de bridge, so's long as dey gots some damn gaurdian
[15:51] <anasyrma> Whut be "De Bridge"?
[15:51] <AlSweigart> anasyrma, dig dis: I'll let dex snatch dat question. 'S coo', bro.
[15:52] <AlSweigart> I'm still not sho' 'nuff myself. What it is, Mama!
[15:52] <thex> "De Bridge" kin be some damn way t' refa' t' de hackerspace noisebridge in general
[15:52] <thex> tell ya whut
[15:53] <thex> lemme git back t' figure out whut de f'k de bridge be fo' myself, an' dere will be updates t' follow
[15:53] <AlSweigart> "De Bridge" isn't da damn entire space dough, it's specifically some damn section uh de space by de fire escape dat dex set down last night.
[15:53] <AlSweigart> So fa' it sounds likes some damn place where ya kin sleep an' drink booze. What it is, Mama!
[15:53] <thex> in de meantime is dere any concerns unanswered preventin' anyone fum use/enjoyment uh de space potentially caused by dis 'esperimental bridge project
[15:54] <thex> it totally be
[15:54] <thex> cause it's some damn 1337 hackerspace space in some damn epic ha'kerspace knode as "De Bridge"
[15:54] <AlSweigart>' an inna' circle dat only "
[15:54] <anasyrma> ...
[15:54] <AlSweigart> leet" sucka's kin hang out at.
[15:54] <anasyrma> do ah' even *wants'* t' know whut be goin' on?
[15:54] <thex> an' in at least mah' version uh some damn hackerspace ah' wanna spend time at, sleepin' an' drink booze be some damn pa't uh de 'esperience, not whut defines it howeva'
[15:55] <AlSweigart> anasyrma, dig dis: One dat dex duz not wanna disclose on de mailin' list, cuz de mailin' list folks "ain't real Noisebridgers".
[15:55] <thex> ah' am jimmey t' input on access control policy t' bridge
[15:55] <thex> ah' would say it mirro's noisebridges
[15:55] <thex> howeva' dat be in some damn unknown fail state at present
[15:55] <thex> so's i'm 'esperimentin'
[15:56] <thex> ah' am also 'esplo'in' some concepts a'ound space an' privacy
[15:56] <thex> an' see da damn "bridge" as some damn safa' space t' 'esplo'e dat, den say noisebridge at la'ge
[15:56] <AlSweigart> dex, dig dis: Dis duzn't sound well dought out at all. Figure all dis out an' announce it on de mailin' list today o' tomo'ow, cuz it should an' will be announced dere. What it is, Mama!
[15:56] <thex> an' ah' refa' t' jerkey's idea uh "jimmey t' de public as much possible/reasonable" as some damn baaaad default sta't
[15:57] <thex> ah' ra'ely find myself doin' epic doodads dat is well dought out
[15:57] <thex> dey plum so'ta happen
[15:57] <thex> mo'e dinkin' will be applied as doodads evolve
[15:59] <thex> in de meantime, west noisebridge be unda' construction, ha'd hats recomended
[15:59] <thex> with any luck de dust will settle befo'e da damn end uh de yea', an' ha'd hats will be optional
[15:59] <thex> howeva', ah' fully 'espect dere t' be broada' s'it sto'ms t' git kicked down along de way
[15:59] <thex> ala sleepin'
[15:59] <thex> ala drinkin'
[15:59] <thex> ala hackin'
[15:59] <thex> t' be continued
[16:00] <thex> i'm switchin' t' #sudo'oom fo' some damn while, will be back in time fo' meetin'
[16:00] <AlSweigart> dex, check it: So, ya *'espect* dere t' be problems with sleepin' an' drinkin' in dis doodad you's buildin'? Ca'e t' 'esplain how you's plannin' t' mitigate dese issues?
[16:00] <thex> no ah' duzn't ca'e t' 'esplain right now
[16:00] <thex> dese doodads is already some damn huge problem
[16:00] <thex> ah' gots no hope/'espection uh fixin' dem
[16:01] <thex> ah' duzn't see dat as preventin' me fum doin' it betta', as we slowly find ways t' improve/fix dem
[16:01] <AlSweigart> dex, dig dis: But ya kin see why Ah' think buildin' some damn nap pod in an isolated pa't uh de space will *increase* dese problems, right?
[16:01] <thex> 'espect problems, as dis ain't an ova'night fix dat kin be "defined"
[16:01] <thex> ah' kin see how ya would think dat
[16:02] <thex> ah' if it's not abundently clea', obviously gots some damn different view
[16:02] <thex> an' ova' time would imagine we kin find some damn way t' sha'e some damn mo'e simila' longa' view
[16:02] <AlSweigart> dex, dig dis: I'm interested in whut yo' view be. Can ya 'esplain how de sleep pod duzn't encourage mo'e sleepin'?
[16:03] <thex> not right now
[16:03] <Cognition> only dose deemed 1337 will be sleepin'...
[16:03] <thex> ah' need t' actually wo'k on dat problem
[16:03] <thex> plz give me some time t' evolve dis befo'e jumpin' t' whut ah' think ah' might know at dis second
[16:04] <AlSweigart> Coo'. But *please* scribble down mo'e info on de bridge an' whut it
[16:04] <AlSweigart> 'll be used fo' on de wiki page. What it is, Mama! It duzn't gots much info on it right now, so cut me some slack, Jack.
[16:05] [Notice] -kloeri- [Global Notice] Happy new yea's t' all dose sucka's followin' fST (o' UTC)  
[16:06] * dex reasonable request acknowledged
[16:13] <-- Cognition gots'ta left dis serva' (Remote host closed da damn connection).
[16:17] <mischief> sappnin'
[16:17] <mischief> nb meetin' be tonight? yeesh
[16:18] <DonkeyHotei> lol
[16:20] <DonkeyHotei> somehow, ah' duzn't think de idea uh spendin' nye at nb would be at all popula' unless dere's an o'gy o' sump'n
[16:23] * jerkey pictures noisebridge regula's naked
[16:24] <DonkeyHotei> even if it wuz on de agenda officially, it still wouldn't happen
[16:30] <AlSweigart> DonkeyHotei, dig dis: Danks, Obama. Sheeeiit.
[16:31] <DonkeyHotei> nye at nb with an obama o'gy would NOT be popula'
[16:40] <thex> dunno i'm hip t' de whole o'gy doodad atm, maybe some damn pj pa'ty dough
[16:41] <thex> spacebridge be hostin' some damn afta' hour swa''A