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* Decontamination shower (we might want to set this up outside in the alley, can make one from PVC)
* Decontamination shower (we might want to set this up outside in the alley, can make one from PVC)
[[User:Mlp|Mlp]] 16:33, 1 October 2008 (PDT)
[[User:Mlp|Mlp]] 16:33, 1 October 2008 (PDT)
== A Di king responds to Adidasi to sue- Do not make approximate trade mark (2) ==
A Di king responds to Adidasi to sue: Do not make approximate trade mark
<Chinese>shoe net - the brand is dynamic] the reporter learned a few days ago, because think dress brandA Di kingA Di kingBrand shop) the firm that encroached oneself counterpoises, AdidasiAdidasiBrand shop) one paper petition of company is versed in the country commercial firm politics manages total bureau brand to evaluate committee (brand of the following abbreviation evaluates committee) appeal to to the court. On March 15, this case is in northBeijingOne quadrangle open a court session of city is tried, chinese court net undertook network synchronism direct seeding to front courtyard careful. A Di king sporting goods (China) limited company was attended as the 3rd person that day front courtyard careful.
It is reported, this the company sues Adidasi brand evaluates committee, brand of requirement court cancel evaluates the ruling of committee, reason is brand of A Di king and Adidasi brand makes approximate trade mark, disobey " trademark law " the trade mark that stipulates king of; A Di imitated Adidasi to go up in commodity, misdirect public, the firm that encroached Adidasi counterpoises.
Limited company appeals to Adidasi say, this company throws a large number of capital to undertake conduct propaganda with respect to the brand such as its Adidas, Adidasi in Chinese market already, had made celebrated trade mark. Brand evaluates committee to answer afore-mentioned brand to strengthen protection, right by demur brand (point to A Di king) do not grant approve is registered.
A Di Da Sifang face thinks, the customer that sees trade mark of A Di king can think its and Adidasi have some kind of correlation necessarily, or couplet thinks of Adidasi brand. This kind associates can create prosecutor what well-known logo identifies force is weak change or well-known logo tastes what list price is worth to reduce, bring about the promiscuous mistake of consumer.
Come nearly two years, adidasi ever was in the many cities such as <a href="UR"L>nike sneakers on sale</a> Wuhan, Dalian reach its agency to lodge a complaint to A Di king. From the point of the information that gets at present, these cases do not have final final decision basically, among them some of case ends in out of court of first instance phase with Adidasi's appeal.
The personage inside course of study is analysed, to A Di Wang Lai says, this is a marathon lawsuit that loses not to rise absolutely, because want to be in only lawsuit of any city play away, cause the chain reaction of brand of A Di king likely.
As we have learned, a Di king sporting goods (China) limited company is home famous degree of higher sporting goods company, classics brand bureau and brand evaluate committee to examine, this brand is registered in the approve on the commodity such as dress.
Yesterday, the reporter calls A Di king sporting goods (China) limited company is relevant chief, this controller expresses, brand does not form brand of A Di king and Adidasi approximate brand, brand Adidasi is concoct word, without clear implication. (Chinese shoe net - the most authoritative center of the most professional information of shoe line of business)

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Last night as we were leaving there was a quick discussion about what hooding/exhaust might be needed for the chemistry that is planned. I'm not an expert here so tossing this out - what might be needed?

- the current stove exhaust may (piping material is unknown) have issues depending on what types of fumes are sent up it, however it is located already relatively close to the fish bowl space and does run up to the roof and outside

  • We're definitely going to need to build a fume hood. ANY reaction that evolves gas must be done with appropriate ventilation, even if it's a relatively harmless gas, and the vent over your average stove won't cut it. (I almost killed myself with carbon dioxide in my kitchen once, so I take this very seriously.) It would really be best if we built a fume hood with an air foil. I have a doc with instructions on how to build one, but it's scanned from a textbook so I really shouldn't upload it here. How much linear space is available near the existing exhaust vent? Mlp 16:33, 1 October 2008 (PDT)

- what safety items should be present? (type of fire extinguisher, gloves, materials for cleaning up from a chemical accident? - I'm asking because I don't know)

  • Fire extinguisher: ABC type for sure.
  • Bucket of sand. Check it once a week to make sure that the sand hasn't accreted into a solid block.
  • Nitrile gloves should always be in stock; they can be had cheap from American Science and Surplus.
  • Keep baking soda around for neutralizing acid spills, vinegar for neutralizing base spills.
  • Paper towels, loads of them.
  • A couple of lab coats. (~$17 at AS&S I think)
  • Safety goggles!!!!!
  • Eyewash bottle (always keep full with clean distilled water)
  • Decontamination shower (we might want to set this up outside in the alley, can make one from PVC)

Mlp 16:33, 1 October 2008 (PDT)

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