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good talk -> <>


(notes from ... a long time ago. As relevant - and possibly still unread - as ever)

useful perspective:

and some "interesting" papers for technocratic entertainment purposes only (okay maybe some lateral thinking prompts, nothing directly applicable in any pragmatic way)

"Formal Models of Mediation and Intervention: A Stocktaking and Analysis of the Implications of Policy" -- David Carment and Dane Rowlands, 2004

"Integrating Artificial Intelligence, Argumentation and Game Theory to Develop an Online Dispute Resolution Environment" -- Bellucci, et al 2004

"The Power of Mediation in an Extended El Farol Game" -- Dieter Mitschem et al, 2013

"The Fine Art of Apology: When, Why, and How to Say ‘I’m Sorry’" -- R. Kevin Grigsby, 2007

"Graphical Representations of Consensus Belief" -- David M. Pennock and Michael P. Wellman, 1999