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Discussion for Consider the Circumstances of people sleeping proposal

Consider the Circumstances When a person is found sleeping at Noisebridge, the community should consider if there are sufficient mitigating circumstance or gray areas --e.g power naps, special extenuating circumstances, etc. -- so that a sanction other than banning should be permitted.

This is intended as a soft consensus item. It recognizes that the people who are sometimes sleeping at noisebridge are someone's family, friends, former lovers. That we should consider the circumstances of what's happening, and try to be nice about it.

There are also times when someone is working on a deadline, putting in the hours, and will close their eyes-- this should be considered differently than using the space as residency type of case.

Also, the whole sleeping thing is taking so much time, hopefully a soft amendment like this one can lower some of the heat.

- I'm won't be at the Tuesday meetings. But those are some of my thoughts in proposing this language.