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2 Feb 2017 "A Literature survey for Object Recognition using Neural Networks in FPGA" "An FPGA based adaptive weightless Neural Network Hardware" "Analysis of Visible Light Communication System for Implementation in Sensor Networks" "Anatomically constrained minimum variance beamforming applied to EEG" "Based on Multi-FPGA Neuron Simulation Hardware Platform" "Bio-Inspired Spiking Convolutional Neural Network using Layer-wise Sparse Coding and STDP Learning" "Boda-RTC: Productive Generation of Portable, Efficient Code for Convolutional Neural Networks on Mobile Computing Platforms" "Caffeinated FPGAs: FPGA Framework For Convolutional Neural Networks" "cltorch: a Hardware-Agnostic Backend for the Torch Deep Neural Network Library, Based on OpenCL" "CNNdroid: GPU-Accelerated Execution of Trained Deep Convolutional Neural Networks on Android" "Comprehensive Evaluation of OpenCL-based Convolutional Neural Network Accelerators in Xilinx and Altera FPGAs" "Compression of Deep Convolutional Neural Networks for Fast and Low Power Mobile Applications" "Deep Convolutional Neural Networks and Data Augmentation for Environmental Sound Classification" "Designing Energy-Efficient Convolutional Neural Networks using Energy-Aware Pruning" "Digital Hardware Implementation of Artificial Neural Network for Signal Processing" "ESE: Efficient Speech Recognition Engine with Compressed LSTM on FPGA" "FPGA IMPLEMENTATION OF ARTIFICIAL NEURAL NETWORKS" "FPGA Implementations of Neural Networks" "FPGA-based Accelerator for Long Short-Term Memory Recurrent Neural Networks" "FPGA-TARGETED NEURAL ARCHITECTURE FOR EMBEDDED ALERTNESS DETECTION" "Hardware Accelerated Convolutional Neural Networks for Synthetic Vision Systems" "HARDWARE IMPLEMENTATION OF A FEEDFORWARD NEURAL NETWORK USING FPGAs" "Holographic Entanglement Entropy" "IMPLEMENTATION OF NEURAL - CRYPTOGRAPHIC SYSTEM USING FPGA" "Magnetoencephalography - theory, instrumentation, and applications to non-invasive studies of the working human brain" "On Complex Valued Convolutional Neural Networks" "Photo-Thermal Neural Excitation by Extrinsic and Intrinsic Absorbers: A Temperature-Rate Model" "PipeCNN: An OpenCL-Based FPGA Accelerator for Large-Scale Convolution Neuron Networks" "Recurrent Neural Networks Hardware Implementation on FPGA" "Ristretto: Hardware-Oriented Approximation of Convolutional Neural Networks" "Robust Convolutional Neural Networks under Adversarial Noise" "Scaling Binarized Neural Networks on Reconfigurable Logic" "SNNAP: Approximate Computing on Programmable SoCs via Neural Acceleration" "Spatial Pyramid Pooling in Deep Convolutional Networks for Visual Recognition" "Theory and Tools for the Conversion of Analog to Spiking Convolutional Neural Networks" "Two-Bit Networks for Deep Learning on Resource-Constrained Embedded Devices" "Understanding and Improving Convolutional Neural Networks via Concatenated Rectified Linear Units" "YodaNN: An Ultra-Low Power Convolutional Neural Network Accelerator Based on Binary Weights"