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Time discussion

Proposal: Wednesday, 6-8pm

ML starts at 8pm. Our thinking was that 6-8 we can have talks and monopolize the long table downstairs. Any games going past 8 could be displaced to upstairs etc. as ML takes over.

I'm open to other time suggestions, but we ruled out Monday, which already has PyClass and Circuit Hacking, and Friday is both Mandarin Corner and, later, generally Going Out time. --skory


That's a good time for me. Are we meeting today? EmbeddedLinuxGuy 14:55, 18 March 2009 (PDT)

Wednesdays are usually bad for me

But I have a paper 9x9 learning board I could bring.

Proposal: Sunday at 3pm

Suggested by Shannon, but possibly an even better time forSkory than Wednesdays, now that he cyborgs it up at NB on Sundays anyway.