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<CENTER><a href=><img></img></a></Center>
<a href=><b>Improve SEO Rankings</b></a>
Announcing an excellent <B>FREE</B> solution to getting your site indexed almost immediately after purchasing a domain while also getting excellent tier 1 backlinks that wont get your sandboxed or penalized.  More importantly, this whitehat solution will improve your rankings organically.  These are the type of backlinks appear in the majority of Google's number one Tier 1 websites - so again, there is nothing to be afraid of !
<quote><b>How It Works</b>
* First go to my <a href=>seo services</a> site.
* Type in the website of your choice.
* Select the <b>NEW BROWSER</b> option.
* Random order is by default which is fine.
* Choose 25 popups
* Choose 100 Max URLS (To test)
* Watch your site be indexed in real time!</quote>
<B>Important Note:</B>  Do not use the manual option.  Only use the <U>New Browser</U> option.
Now, once you click start, a bunch of browsers will open and contact major tier 1 sites like  By clicking 25 popups, that means that 25 sites will be contacted, and 15 seconds later - 100% automatically - the popup browsers opened will close, and then fetch 25 newer sites.  To test, you can do 100 sites - but if you want to leave your computer for an hour just running, then feel free to query 3000 sites and let the script run on autopilot.
<B>Note:</B>  Many of the sites queried via my site are located worldwide.  I still need to add/remove a bunch of the sites - but you will all agree that this is a great start.  The most important thing to me was accessing sites with really good bandwith at fast speeds. 
But overall, this is a very powerful service that can boost your SEO Rankings.  It's far more powerful than pinging because pinging doesn't give you backlinks to PR6+ sites.
<B>Why it Works...</B>
There are thousands of PR6+ sites that will cause Google, MSN, & Yahoo to index your website very fast if properly queried.  Not only will this cause your website to get indexed very fast, but it will also potentially give you thousands of backlinks to tier 1 websites.  You can literally buy a domain today and be indexed tomorrow <a href=><img></img></a>
<B>Examples of Results...</B>
Go to Google and search for a keyword like "<a href=><b>Fight</b></a>"
Go to Google and search for <a href=><B>URLS</B></a>
<quote><b>Notice the results on page 1 for <a href=>URLS</a>:</quote></b>
<B>Why the Method is Superior</B>
Alot of you guys are busy pinging your sites and/or social bookmarking with limited results.  Well, the solution I offer is 100x's better because the majority of Social bookmarking sites don't give you the SEO value you need in Google's 1st Page results.  In other words, when you type in Google, how many of those social bookmarking sites do you see? 
Pinging is great - but how many backlinks do you get from pinging?  Oops, none!  So this solution I offer kills 2 stones in one smack. 
This service is 100% automated and doesn't require you to open/close browsers and/or manually register to any websites.
<B>Software</B> - I'm now programming a new software program that will do this with a lot more options.
<B>Important Note:</B>  I provide advanced <a href=><B>SEO Services</B></a>.  So if your interested in SEO Services, please contact me via my website.

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