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get the touch system running and reattach the heavy table to the base and put it somewhere people can use it and experiment with it.

allow access for all to modify and use: sudo for guest:noisebridge account.

Following notes added by Carl. (please copy to main page)

How to reset the BIOS video settings

While playing around with the BIOS settings, I ended up disabling the built-in LCD from working anymore. Problem was, I couldn't see the BIOS screen to reset it! I ended up taking the table apart in order to find the VGA out connector. Plugging an external monitor to this allowed me to see what I was doing, at least part of the time. There were other times when even the BIOS screen appeared garbled. Here are the steps to reset the screens back to normal...

This is what we want to set in the BIOS to restore the LCD:

  • Advanced Chipset Features
    • AGP & P2P Bridge Control
      • Panel Type
        • set to "1280x1024 2x24B"

  • Problem is, just setting the above won't immediately fix the LCD. Try setting first to "1024x768 1x18B", save and reboot, then set to above resolution.
  • Make sure "Display Device" is set to "CRT+LCD" prior to setting the above. (CRT is the VGA out, LCD is the built-in monitor)

Steps to restore monitors while working blind:

  1. On boot, press "del" key a few times right after colored lines on LCD flash to get into BIOS.
  2. To reset BIOS to minimal failsafe defaults, press:
    Right, Down, Enter, "Y", Enter, F10, Enter.
    (Computer should now reboot. Press Del to enter BIOS.)
  3. Now we must set "Display Device" to "CRT+LCD":
    Down, Down, Enter, Down, Enter, 4*Up, Enter, 12*Up, 5*Down, Enter, F10, Enter.
    (Computer should now reboot. Press Del to enter BIOS.)
  4. Now to fix the resolution:
    Down, Down, Enter, Down, Enter, 3*Up, Enter, F10, Enter.

Hopefully, that should restore the built-in LCD.

Boosting the CPU speed

After reseting the BIOS to minimal failsafe defaults, the CPU is reset to 400 MHz. The CPU can actually go much faster. Reseting the BIOS using the Optimal Defaults will reset the CPU to it's full 1GHz. Resetting the defaults will disable the monitor though, so I wouldn't recommend doing this.

Instead, I changed the CPU frequency settings to an x8 multiplier instead of the minimal x4, which doubled the CPU's clock to 800 MHz. This appears to work just fine, and is what the CPU is currently set to.

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