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I picked up some Masonite for use in the laser cutter. It works well for raster engraving, but it's too dense for vector; multiple passes didn't come close to cutting through the material.

I wasn't sure where to put this on the main page, since it looks like Masonite is totally suitable for raster and totally unsuitable for vector.

Glenn from Dallas Makerspace again.

For a fire extinguisher we use a 9 oz paintball CO2 tank with one of these nozzles from Ebay works great and its cheap to fill at any sporting goods store that sells paintball stuff. The tank costs about $12, the nozzle about $14 and to fill is $3.

CO2 nozzle

FYI from Dallas Makerspace 2/25/11

We have had one of these lasers since 08/2010 and we love it. I have put together a training presentation on how to use this laser. See for details, Glenn Pipe

Update 5/17/2010 Coreyfro

Hi Corey,

I received your information from Amy @ the Epilog factory in Golden. I would like to talk to you regarding your interest in the laser system and to discuss more about the ideal laser for the environment in which you are looking to place the laser. If you could please provide me your contact #, I would be happy to call you, or if you prefer, you can contact me at any of the #’s listed below.

Thank you again for your interest in the Epilog laser system!

Craig Abramson Advanced Cutting & Engraving Systems, LLC

direct - 510.338.4143 toll free - 1.888.425.6584 cell - 510.909.8001

Update 5/14/2010 Coreyfro

I agree leasing may be the best option because there is a degree of service that is required that may be best left to the vendor. It also means we can experiment with off brand systems without much buyer's remorse.

I have experience with a shared laser engraver at Techshop and can bring some logistical lessons learned from that experience (once I resuscitate those brain cells.) We can see if Epilog is interested in giving us the same deal that Techshop got since NB and Techshop at least have the "den of future customers" aspect in common.

Update 5/12/2010

Check this out, campers:

That's just suspiciously cheap. But hey, we know from gcode, right? (We use gcode to drive the MaxNCMill and have several tool paths up).

And it's big enough to make a Makerbot.

It seems to have (some) spare parts available:

And a bigger brother (still cheap):

BUT: After several bad experiences, I (Jtfoote 05:23, 13 May 2010 (UTC)) am considerably less gung-ho about shared equipment at Noisebridge. I find myself unwilling to lead an acquisition, and I have substantially reduced my pledge. It would still be a great thing to have, but I am unwilling to commit much energy to this.

Update 12/15/2009

The laser cutter issue has been revived. We may be able to lease one for around $150/mo. Make a pledge below to help make it happen!

Update 11/14/2009

September 09 thread on laser cutter petered out, but the NYCR post seemed very informative.

There had been talk in October of laser cutter access outside NB but since then it's been all quiet on the laser front.

Any news? --Hurtstotouchfire 13:59, 14 November 2009 (PST)


Just in: I asked Bre Pettis of NYCResistor (who makes a living on his) for advice. Here's his response:

> Minimum: 35 Watt Epilog Mini. 12x24 Machine + Filter + Tax = 20K

> Very Desirable: 60 Watt Epilog. 24x36 Machine + Filter + Tax = more than 20k.

> We wish we had gotten a more powerful machine, but because we didn't know better and it's a lot of money, we went with the mini.

> Don't get a chinese off brand machine. They are cheap and well, cheap.

Jtfoote 15:42, 27 September 2009 (PDT)

Update 6/2009:

From grey,

Prices are coming down; and some decent units are out there.

A used Epilog I've been told can be had for around $5000.

However some of these random no name Chinese brands are undercutting that -new-. Matt Westervelt in Seattle recently got a 50W unit from Redsail for about $3000. In a similar price range, Jeri Ellsworth in PDX ordered a JCUT 3040 with a 60W laser bulb after some haggling. Ebay has some very small engraver units for $1000 (dubious quality) and Jake said he saw some units for as low as about $250 in Shenzhen (presumably similar to that low end engraver, questionable quality).

If we can collect information here about some different viable models, how much space they take, how powerful they are, what their surface area is, software compatibility, etc. And can determine what looks good - let's see what we can do.

I've got a close friend in HK who has dual Chinese & HK license plates and if we have a specific model he may be able to hunt it down and slow boat it to us for some costs savings. Maybe not, but it's worth looking into. -grey


There are rumors of Epilog having a rent-to-own program for what sounds like very reasonable monthly rates. Does anyone want to follow up on this?

History of pleadges[edit]


The below list is out of date; as of 2011-01 User:Turkshead is organizing a new pledge drive via a Google Spreadsheet. Edit there to pledge.

Sign up to pledge below:

buy or to lease. Buying could be anywhere from $3k-20k. Leasing may be as low as $150/mo. This pledge is non-binding, but try to be realistic.

jtfoote $250 or ___/mo to lease (See Discussion Jtfoote 05:24, 13 May 2010 (UTC))

Mprados $50 or ___/mo to lease

Coreyfro $250 or ___/mo to lease (Teach and Service)

davidfine $250 or $15/mo to lease

DYao $200 or $15/mo to lease (2011 01 11)

thatha $200

Leif $200 or $25/mo to lease

VonGuard "maybe $100"

Mitch $250

Jake $250 or $20/mo to lease

Sargun $750 or $50/mo to lease

Total so far: $2650

--rubin110 19:53, 24 February 2011 (UTC)