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Dan and Raju,
Dan and Raju,
You can mess with this!!!
You CAN mess with this!!!
So can Ramone P.

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"the "erased state" for flash is when it is filled with all 1's."

tr '\000' '\377' < /dev/zero | dd bs=16384 of=/dev/rsd0c


RE: issue of booting USB w/o BIOS support, please see You'd need an HD floppy disk for this.

quoting --------------

Floppy image set

This floppy set will boot a Slitaz stable version. You can write floppies with SliTaz bootfloppybox, Windows rawrite or simply dd:

  1. dd if=fd001.img of=/dev/fd0

If you have a CD-ROM, an USB port and an USB key or a network card, but you can't boot these devices directly, then try floppy-grub4dos [1] first. This 1.44Mb floppy provides tiny programs to boot these devices without BIOS support and some other tools.

Dan and Raju, You CAN mess with this!!! So can Ramone P.

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