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September 2009 VonGuard's wife is taking Mandarin this semester, and she's interested in a study group if anyone else is still into it. She's flexible on the night to do it. 

NEW!!! Time proposal: Friday evenings

Since Skory has abandoned us for the frigid Scandinavian wastes, Mandarin corner has lapsed sadly. I, rachel, would like to see it happen, but Friday is really the only day I could reasonably commit to. Others?

Skory's "Scandanavian" (actually it was the Netherlands) adventure has ended prematurely after the passing of various tragedies... He doesn't quite know what the hell he'll be doing or where he'll end up, but will be back in the Bay Area this Friday. I leave again the following Wednesday for 4 days, but will likely be around for some time after that. As things now stand I'm up for Mandarin Corner anytime!

Charlie Hsu is in Germany right now, but when he gets back in early March, can do Friday evenings.

Eric Boyd is also good for friday nights, mostly. Missed last week due to spontaneous Tahoe trip :-). I'm currently half-way through the Chinese Culture Center's beginner mandarin classes, and looking forward to learning to speak better!

Molly was here on Friday.

Time proposal: Thursday evenings

mollybee Thursday nights conflicts with my ASL class which starts after 6:30. So I can show up for half an hour, but then need to take off on a grunting public demon. I can come to Noisebridge earlier though.

rachel is fine with this but will probably miss occasional weeks.

Skory's preference is Thursday since I like to have weekends more open for unforeseen adventures.

Charlie Thursday is fine, but I can' be there at 5:00. If people are staying late I can show up around 6-6:30...

mollybee Hey guys, are you coming in later in the evening? I've been hanging out on Thursday evenings hoping people'd show, but I leave by 6:20 or so without having seen anyone. Would a different day and time work better? Or maybe just a more definite insistent plan once a month or biweekly? With food?

Ursula I am available around 18:30 on M, W, Th, F. Prefer Th.

mollybee I can be available most any time /except/ Thursday nights. Is anyone interested in setting a non-Thursday meeting time for Mandarin Corner Part AR?

miloh I want to come and study also, Mandarin only immersion sounds interesting, and I'm going to be coming to the Friday classes at 5.

alxndr Mandarin Corner isn't on Current Events any more... Anyone still interested? Is this mic on? I'd like to join in, free Tues/Wed/Thurs evenings. (6 jan '10)