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* front page recurring notes section
* front page recurring notes section
* google calendar
* google calendar
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Meeting notes template needs updates from the currently active events from time to time.

8/3/2010 Meeting notes for 8/3 should be used to update this template

8/22/2010 Lots of things to add to the list of events:

  • Hinternet
  • tastebridge classes
    • meeting day cooking class
    • fermentation 101
    • tastebridge tech builders
  • d&d group (afaik, this group doesn't invite new people to campaign, but listing here helps people know about sceduling conflicts)
  • Arduino project meetup
  • trash night reminders

Also, afaik, Noisebridge uses 3 locations for events info. Consolidate between these to get an accurate events list.

  • Meeting notes template
  • front page recurring notes section
  • google calendar
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