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Can't discuss this in person? Discuss it here!

I think it's very important to have *some* kind of C-1 consensus process by which we can exclude a problem member from a decision. Otherwise, one nutjob is enough to ruin the entire space, since the rest of us won't be able to do anything about it. It doesn't matter much to me what the procedure is, as long as there is one. If it's still extremely contentious, here's a very conservative strategy that would suffice to combat such a threat:

Allow a 4-week C-1 consensus (instead of the regular 2-week "everyone" consensus) for the specific purpose of removing someone's blocking privileges for the subsequent two weeks.

Hopefully that would be conservative enough to not ruffle anyone's feathers, and it would give us an out to prevent ruination, though it would take 6 weeks.


Hacker sharing[edit]

Definition of Hacking: artful use of skills to accomplish some goal without following a particular plan.

members have various sentiments about using things in a hacker space. one tho't is something like "if i want to tear something apart, it's a hacker space and i get to do it." another tho't is something like "it's mine, i brought it, i can take it away anytime i like, even rip it out from under anyone who's using it."

my sentiment is "don't be childish." if you bring something that you want to manage, keep it in your bin on a storage shelf. if you put it out, people will use it, maybe break it, and that's how it is. if you see something left out, probably someone else cares about it and you should use it with care (try not to break it or rip it up for parts for something you like). i'm offering this sentiment for consideration. --Jstockford 16:28, 15 October 2008 (PDT)

random thoughts from NYC Resistor[edit]

  • they have an Is This Yours? shelf. things on it stay for a month, two, three, then get moved to the Shared shelf
  • be picky about your members, and you are far less likely to have problems down the line
  • they use Event Bright to schedule their classes

random thoughts from others[edit]

  • pet policy? suggest none; allergies, damage, noise
  • unsanctioned parties?