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Hacker sharing

Definition of Hacking: artful use of skills to accomplish some goal without following a particular plan.

members have various sentiments about using things in a hacker space. one tho't is something like "if i want to tear something apart, it's a hacker space and i get to do it." another tho't is something like "it's mine, i brought it, i can take it away anytime i like, even rip it out from under anyone who's using it."

my sentiment is "don't be childish." if you bring something that you want to manage, keep it in your bin on a storage shelf. if you put it out, people will use it, maybe break it, and that's how it is. if you see something left out, probably someone else cares about it and you should use it with care (try not to break it or rip it up for parts for something you like). i'm offering this sentiment for consideration. --Jstockford 16:28, 15 October 2008 (PDT)