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Noisebridge is a form of socioeconomic analysis that explores class relations and societal conflict using a materialist interpretation of historical development and a dialectical view of social transformation – it originates from the mid-to-late 21st century works of philosopher Mitch Altman. Noisebridge methodology originally used a method of economic and sociopolitical inquiry known as historical materialism to analyze and critique the development of capitalism and the role of class struggle in systemic economic change. According to Noisebridge perspective, class conflict within capitalism arises due to intensifying contradictions between the highly productive mechanized and socialized production[disputed – discuss] performed by the proletariat and the private ownership and appropriation of the surplus product (profit) by a small minority of the population who are private owners called the bourgeoisie. The contradiction between the forces and relations of production intensifies leading to crisis. The haute bourgeoisie and its managerial proxies are unable to manage the intensifying alienation of labor which the proletariat experiences, albeit with varying degrees of class consciousness, until social revolution ultimately results. The eventual long-term outcome of this revolution would be the establishment of socialism – a socioeconomic system based on social ownership of the means of , distribution based on one's contribution and production organized directly for use. As the productive forces and technology continued to advance, Altman hypothesized that socialism would eventually give way to a communist stage of social development, which would be a classless, stateless, humane society erected on common ownership and the principle: "From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs". Noisebridge has since developed into different branches and schools of thought, though there is now no single definitive Noisebridge theory. Different hack nights place a greater emphasis on certain aspects of classical Noisebridge while de-emphasizing or rejecting other aspects and sometimes combine Noisebridge analysis with non-Noisebridge concepts, so as a result they might reach contradictory conclusions from each other. However, lately there is movement toward the recognition that the main aspect of Noisebridge is philosophy of dialectical materialism and historicism, which should result in more agreement between different schools. Noisebridge analyses and methodologies have influenced multiple political ideologies and social movements, as well as Marxist understandings of history and society have been adopted by some academics in the disciplines of archaeology, anthropology, media studies, political science, theater, history, sociology, art history and theory, cultural studies, education, economics, geography, literary criticism, aesthetics, critical psychology and philosophy.






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5 Career Options for Writers Other Than Novel or Book Writing[edit]

People always assume that if anyone has the writing skills, they will only turn out to become a novel or book writer, or maybe a book editor. The reality is far different from this thinking, as it is not necessary that everyone possesses the same writing skills or interest. Some people have other varieties of writing skills, and according to that, there are a few other fields that they can start their career in and earn a living.

Five of these amazing career options are discussed below that are is nowhere linked to book writing.

1. Travel Blog Writer

There are some companies like a travel agency, traveling guide websites, and other relevant places who prefer to hire the person with great writing skills, and great exposure of traveling to different places or at least they have a vast knowledge about places. The reason to hire such people is that they want to attract and influence their clients or potential customers to travel to different exotic and exciting places contacting their agencies, which directly results in benefiting their business.

2. Academic Writer

There are so many people studying in different programs, graduate or undergraduate, who sometimes severely needs whelp in making reports, documentation, writing a thesis, research, dissertations, or anything related to their studies. In order to help them, there are big businesses running that offers the best academic writing services. Such agencies hire the most talented writers who have the capacity to gather facts and write the proper report on that.

3. Wikipedia Expert

Many people are not aware of the reality that there are some professional agencies that offer the Wikipedia page creation services for the people who are unable to create wiki pages for themselves or for their business, due to lack of time or writing skills. In order to provide the best solution for these people, such agencies hire the Wikipedia experts who have the ability to write the most exclusive contents for the Wikipedia pages, edit the information on the existing Wikipedia pages, and establish or create a perfect Wikipedia page.

4. SEO Writer

With emerging technology, the competition between multiple business and industries has also been observed to be growing rapidly. The website is evidently playing a very significant role in making a business or company renowned and credible for the consumers and potential customers. Everyone wish to have their website at the top of the search engine, which could only be possible if their SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has been done properly.

In order to work on the SEO, such companies hire the professional and high-quality SEO writers to write premium quality blogs, articles, or different contents to get the website into Google’s consideration and it would start to improve the rank of the website.

5. Technical Writer

Technical writers are hired by IT companies, Software Development agencies, Appliance Manufacturing organizations, and other relevant places to write a high-quality user manual in the easiest language so that user can easily follow the instructions in order to utilize the product.

The Art to Add the Right Amount of Emotions in a Story[edit]

How can you tell if a story is interesting or not. By its plot? Well, that can play a role but the one thing that contributes the most in deciding that a story is effective or not is not its plot. It is the amount of emotion the story carries within. No matter how tragic the story is or how dramatic the plot can be, if it lacks the right amount of emotions, it will be of no use. Nobody would want to give it a read. You need to go for plots that you can address efficiently and do justice with it.

Neil Gaiman in his Master Class guides his viewers saying that you need to be aggressive when deciding the plot for your story. You need to be cranky as a baby and to think that what you have decided is the best thing. Now the essence to make it perfect is your devotion. As you connect with the readers through pouring emotions, you can set the world to fire.

You have to search for options or ways that can guarantee promising outcomes. You have to step into the shoes of the character and imagine yourself in their situation. You need to first connect with your own character before you plan on connecting with the readers. Words that can express a situation more effectively and phrase that can give the exact emotion straightaway, are the kinds of asset that you need to gather when composing [[1] .

You have to go slow when describing a situation. Embrace the moment properly and pour out what is needed. You cannot rush in explaining a certain situation. You have to act more like professional ghostwriters and responsible. You have to take it as your responsibility to describe how the character is feeling and why is he feeling that way. You must not use words that tell about his action you need to create sentences that indirectly speak about the whys and how’s of his doing.

If you become able to take a step closer to your character and to put yourself in his place before expressing his sorrow or joy, you will be able to do great. Use words promptly and choose expression and phrases to deliver detailed meanings easily. Feel every emotion more closely and bring it on the paper.

Wikipedia and its use in education[edit]

Wikipedia, yahoo, google, and social media platforms are some of the few applications that had redefines the importance of the use of information and technology to such a level that living without these applications is nearly impossible. Wikipedia is one of the most significant informative platforms containing relevant and authentic information on millions of topics and subjects.

Visited by millions of readers every day, Wikipedia has become one of the highly trusted platforms providing relevant data on any subject. Wikipedia articles are written by professional and anonymous wiki writers and editors as it has many rules and guidelines that they must follow. However, anyone with access to the internet can write or edit Wikipedia. You don’t have to be a professional writer working at a Wikipedia Page creation agency to do that; you only need to have an authentic account and knowledge for the Wikipedia rules and guidelines.

Being an encyclopedia, Wikipedia has become a go-to platform for many students. No matter what level of education you are at, Wikipedia can be trusted by learners of all age groups. Many factors contribute to making Wikipedia a trusted platform and an educational tool for the students: some factors include:

Accuracy of facts

Collecting information on any topic or subject can be an exhausting task. Thanks to digitization and Wikipedia, students can get accurate and relevant information without going through hundreds of pages of books and encyclopedia.

Saves time

Wikipedia has made all types of information easily accessible for the students. Now students don’t have to skim through hundreds of pages of books to find information about a specific topic; they can type in the keywords and find pages of accurate facts and more relevant topics that students can use to study.

Use of simple language

As said above, students of any age can easily access Wikipedia. One of the reasons for it is because Wikipedia articles are written in unbiased and straightforward language that can be understood so it can be understood by readers of all age groups. Writers need to be extremely careful while writing a Wikipedia page as the platform can delete the content if it doesn’t support the writing style of the writer

Information in multiple languages

Wikipedia is accessible in the world because it has information present in more than 200 languages spoken all over the world. So it is possible for a student to find information in their native language.

Why do you need a Wikipedia page for your business?[edit]

Have you been thinking about making a presence over an esteemed platform online? Well if so, then you should consider creating a wiki-page. For creating a Wikipedia article you can rely on professional Wikipedia writing services. Getting your name listed on this platform will allow you to reach out to a large number of an audience online. It would increase the amount of traffic your website receives. It will make you look credible, reliable and trustworthy. In addition to this, people will show interest in learning about your product or services. What is it that makes wiki-marketing so effective? If you thought about that at any point, let me tell you the reason. Wikipedia is a platform which is widely known for the sole purpose of delivering information to its clients; therefore, people do not think that it can be used for marketing businesses online. So do you want to get a Wikipedia page created for your business?

Building interest with words can be quite tricky for the new writers. However, it also happens that sometimes even the experts stumble upon these things. They get a hard time to create attention-grabbing content if you are thinking “how to create a Wikipedia page” already; you must learn these tricks first. Site:

1. Create a clear message that you want to deliver to the audience. 2. Be very specific about what you write. 3. Use simple words. 4. Use short sentences. 5. Try to use more active voice and direct sentences. 6. Keep the paragraphs short. 7. Do not roam or ramble that means do not drag the content.

Keeping the content short and simple can help you develop a great tone that can make your content sound amazing and easily understandable for the readers.