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''All it needs is a personal appeal from a Noisebridge executive and some other stuff.''
This page is a long scroll.  It needs to be tightened up and linked out...
===Clean up the sections===
The sections for Info, Status, Meetings, Emergency, and Events and Classes, and Incorporation include overlap and encourage long scrolling additions.
I propose we clean up the overlap on the main page, and create a set of sub-pages with expanded information.
* Link out to Events and Classes page rather than sections, Info pages from the top banner, etc. etc.
* The new Info page can hold status content, incorporation and meetings section information.. 
* Events and Classes will hold class and mailing list links to meeting info.
* Make Emergency section a separate banner section at the top.
== suggestions  for additions ==
Strongly suggest adding a "google+" button for the blog!
~Mistwood laboratories Administrative Founder; Invitational to Noise Bridge ~
~Intro into the OpenSim Software~
~A look into the Metaverse: Object Oriented Scripting and Global Interaction~
March 14-16 2012 - Initial Opensimulator Intro Workshop -
~Students and Collegues Teachers and Personell, Web DeVs and more~
Opensim Intro & Assist
Mistwood Labs Adminastrative Figurine
Commander Blessed {Mia Shy} "Utility Braids"
This will be attended anywhere you are online
If Attending Virtually, Things to Expect
- Just the same as NoiseBridge, Be cool to Everyone-
- Also as Visitors or New users, please be respectful to Grid Operators -
Grid Operators Include
-Rein Mitra {Commodore Mitra} "Server Operator" NL
-Halriasa Aeon {Captain Aeon} "Server operator" Holland
3D Modeling
Texturing 3d Objects
light intro to scripting [object - oriented programming] in LSL,
-  LSL - the Local Programming Language -
- -
- To attend Virtually -
OpenSource Software you will need consist of:
1. A Browser to Navigate to - you should be able to sign up here if not Please contact Rein Mitra or Halriasa Aeon @ IRC channel
URL for irc is
2. Any Image Editor you feel comfortable using
3.  Hippo Opensim Viewer
an IRC Client Xchat multiplatform client -
If you would like to attend in person [shadowing a pc] GREAT! -
- if drop-down screen is available and perms [?permissions granted?] it will be
If you have ideas or comments please {responses}
if i missed anything it will be quick and easy to do for everyone tommorow, please check out the functions and stuff at the LSL wiki, other launguages used are C# C++ and VB [visual basic]
Email - cant accept messages from gmail addresses
== Devis pour site internet ==
It is simply ridiculous.
== Bijoux Fantaisie pas cher ==
Excellent phrase and it is duly

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