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10/27 I left my laptop charger and cord on the main table. If you find it please give it to Rayce, Vaughn or the guy on the 3D printer. I will come by tomorrow. Thanks!! -Bud



Watch the Pirate Bay documentary premiere!

Hi Noisebridge friends,

I just got the chance to check out your beautiful space and wanted to share my film about the Pirate Bay with your community.

We are releasing the film for free online from the premiere on Jan 8th.

Please check out the trailer here

Please share!

Simon / Director TPB AFK Undos

Sorry about the heavy undo action here Here's a rationale for my edits:

Noisebridge has now been designated as'...
Isn't that just a long winded version of "is"?

new visitors are just as welcome as always
If they are new, then they wouldn't have any reason to wonder why this statement might exist.

consider reading up on
No, it's important they read up on it.

but it's best to visit when Full or Associate Members are present
A new visitor doesn't care about the difference between full and associate members or that there is a difference. And saying it your way implies there is another, unstated type of member, which there isn't.

--gadlen (talk) 08:39, 9 November 2013 (UTC)

Captcha fix request

All these moments will be lost in time... "like tears in rain" - w/o the direct article. tyvm :-) 00:20, 16 November 2013 (UTC)