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All it needs is a personal appeal from a Noisebridge executive and some other stuff.

This page is a long scroll. It needs to be tightened up and linked out...


Clean up the sections

The sections for Info, Status, Meetings, Emergency, and Events and Classes, and Incorporation include overlap and encourage long scrolling additions.

I propose we clean up the overlap on the main page, and create a set of sub-pages with expanded information.

  • Link out to Events and Classes page rather than sections, Info pages from the top banner, etc. etc.
  • The new Info page can hold status content, incorporation and meetings section information..
  • Events and Classes will hold class and mailing list links to meeting info.
  • Make Emergency section a separate banner section at the top.

suggestions for additions

Strongly suggest adding a "google+" button for the blog!


~Mistwood laboratories Administrative Founder; Invitational to Noise Bridge ~
~An Intro into the OpenSim Software~
~A look into the Metaverse: Object Oriented Scripting and Global Interaction~

March 14-16 2012 - Initial Opensimulator Intro Workshop -
~Students and Collegues Teachers and Personell, Web DeVs and more~
Opensim Intro & Assist
Mistwood Labs Adminastrative Figurine
Commander Blessed {Mia Shy} "Utility Braids"




This will be attended anywhere you are online

If Attending Virtually, Things to Expect

- Just the same as NoiseBridge, Be cool to Everyone-
- Also as Visitors or New users, please be respectful to Grid Operators -

Grid Operators Include
-Rein Mitra {Commodore Mitra} "Server Operator" NL
-Halriasa Aeon {Captain Aeon} "Server operator" Holland

3D Modeling
Texturing 3d Objects
A light intro to scripting [object - oriented programming] in LSL,
- LSL - the Local Programming Language -
- -

- To attend Virtually -

OpenSource Software you will need consist of:

1. A Browser to Navigate to

 - you should be able to sign up here if not Please 
- contact Rein Mitra or Halriasa Aeon @ IRC channel

URL for irc is

2. Any Image Editor you feel comfortable using
3. Hippo Opensim Viewer
an IRC Client Xchat multiplatform client -

If you would like to attend in person [shadowing a pc] GREAT! -
- if drop-down screen is available and perms [?permissions granted?] it will be

If you have ideas or comments please {responses}
if i missed anything it will be quick and easy to do for everyone tommorow.
Please check out the functions and stuff at the LSL wiki.
There are other launguages used are C# C++ and VB [visual basic]

Email - cant accept messages from gmail addresses

Devis pour site internet

It is simply ridiculous.

Bijoux Fantaisie pas cher

Excellent phrase and it is duly

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