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Tuesday August 11th MMXX

Meeting Meeting_Notes_2020_08_11

Tuesday August 4th MMXX

Meeting Meeting_August_04_2020 Meeting_Notes_2020_08_04

Thursday July 2nd MMXX

Thursday July 2nd MMXX

Friday June 26th MMXX

Tuesday June 23rd MMXX

Thursday June 18th 4:44pm MMXX

Third Thursday Securitay, Philosophy and !5MoF

Arrive with buddy and extra box of gloves.

Refresh entry procedures and space occupancy logging.

Establish multi-way telepresence links, dualing Jitsi plus zoom.

Reverse hang chaos flag, and sort hackatorium.

Cleaning expansion thru electronics area on to Sparkle Forge and beyond.

Re-wired Red/Green traffic lights to standard mains receptacle plug.

Turn on all the lights clean all the things, ~5kw peak load.

Investigation of HP server, issues with BIOS/firmware PMU.

Wiped drives by rebuilding RAID per stickie not request.

Booted in to Arch and Ubuntu installers from USB, fatal errors attempting to mount and initiate full installations.

Collected hardware on rolling table and blanketed for quarantine.

electro setup as remotely managed telepresence station and left running on noisebridge personal zoom room. Signage added at door and over station as to status and possible camera.

Max concurrent occupancy 3, one newly returning visitor inducted in to provisional MoC, one attempted locker recovery.

Expected to lights out and departure come dawn, cause "no headlights".

Sunday June 14th 12:34pm MMXX

Dan & β…© Mission to teh Mission

Arrive 10:44am, security briefing and protocol review with Mohamed on sidewalk.

Space acclamation and orientation.

Check-ins with Mohamed and Ahmad.

Bring "phreak" station on-line in hackatorium, connected power, VGA and audio line. Keyboard, mouse present. Add webcam for jitsi/zoom.

Unpack "onff" and setup mobile command station on red cart. Run system updates.

COVID safety and fire extinguishers.


Full system updates complete on phreak and onff

13:23 Dan had to go to the bathroom and blow their nose, washed hands before and after, gosh it would be nice to have a room where I could take off the mask and breathe, maybe even a fan to blow air out the window.


electro dusted off, fired up, use PCI VGA, not built in VGA. System update and upgrade.

2 fire extinguishers present in sparkle forge, certified July 2019.


14:30 Lunch break, stroll around to New York pizza joint on Valencia just before 16th Street. Cheese, thin crust or thick?

15:00 Return and resume, rest in "Brake Area". Dan re-departs to free up head count for (redacted).

Aaron Swartz Day Hackathon RF Edition rig setup and monitoring San Francisco P25.




Virtual sync with Zack...

Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 942 2312 1308 Password: 9FAysK





New Lockers

Cap'n Haxi!

Refillable Parts Area

South Bay Stuff



Equipment fund


China Trip 7


Standard Noisebridge Parts

Meeting Notes 2317


Meeting Notes 2217


Susan Lamp PRO








Un-Meeting Notes 1917


Stup!d Sh!t

China Trip 7

phreak machine 101


☸ wheels

ordi booth

SIM900 sms



Meeting Notes 1817

Can a section be added to the front page that shows active projects and new wiki entries being developed? Perhaps based on a category tag?

In teh meantime I'll attempt something along'ish those lines here.

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