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Stephen Balaban suggests:

  • Eat Jian Bing - buy them from the street (they are egg crepes that

are great for breakfast)

  • Go to ZhongGuanCun 中关村, this is technology heaven and is not far from 798
  • Go to 798 and check out the Yuanfen~Flow incubator
  • Stop by a Beijing Linux Users Group (BLUG) meeting -- Peter Junge

<peter.junge *at* beijinglug *dot* org> & Ollo "Barcode" barcode
<barcode *at* beijinglug *dot* org> are great guys

  • I thoroughly enjoyed simply walking around and finding a park early

in the morning or later in the afternoon and just hanging out with old
people doing tai chi and water-brush calligraphy if I wanted to relax

Peter, of the Beijing Int'l Film Fest recommends (in Beijing):

  • meet Matthew Gao Hong Wei and see his exhibit at Central Academy of Fine Arts
  • digital media lab at Central Academy of Fine Arts
  • Veggie Table vegan restaurant
  • Beijing International Film Festival

Here's info on getting from Hong Kong to our hotel in Shenzhen:
Start from Mong-kok Station in Hong Kong, and go to Donghua Hotel:
trains from Mong-kok to Donghua Hotel

More info from Donghua Hotel website.:
Donghua Hotel website

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