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First I'll point out that the question "what happens if we have legal trouble?" applies to *everything* Noisebridge has and does -- the shop, the kitchen, the fridges, the laser cutter, the open wifi, and many other projects.  So I am hesitant to discuss it for any one project in particular; we certainly can't pretend that the Noisebridge Tor project is somehow unique in requiring consideration of this issue.
We plan to not spend any money on legal expenses, and no other Tor project I'm aware of has incurred Tor-specific legal expenses (excluding incorporation fees and the like).  If legal expenses need to be incurred, we'd first look for pro bono legal help (from EFF or whoever else); then establish a legal defense fund and solicit donations; then, perhaps, spend funds out of the Noisebridge Tor budget depending on the details of the situation.  If Noisebridge wanted to contribute out of the general fund -- and was in financial shape to do so -- I might be OK with that, but I'd probably prefer to avoid that situation.
- [[User:Adi|Adi]] 21:06, 2 August 2011 (UTC)
==Old Items==
==Old Items==

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