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possible improvement to this system:

  • beagle board with video out that is moved off the wall ledge to a more easily accessible location for reboot
  • using ip pdu units for remote power cycling and control of this device
  • extending video over usb to the pen island and running the machine from there while the touchpanel remains in it's current locatino
  • removing the relay controller from the door to a simple embedded solution with network capability (arduino with eth shield)

planned improvement to access systems at 2169.

if touchpanel-door is up && the open-door binary runs without error
 report opening on touchpanel-door
 report opening on stereo system  (festival 'open sesame')
 report opening on other system chimes as needed
 report opening on web interface
 report open-door failure with chime
 report open-door failure with festival code (festival 'door did not open.  please contact your admin and trigger the buzzer manually')
 report error codes (1. touchpanel-door unreachable  or 2. door-open binary reported errors) to admin 
 report error on web interface