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WePay phone meeting notes

  • payment account for a group, not attached to indiv
    • allows recurring bills, autopayment
      • 2 day notice email
    • 3.5% fee for credit/debit
    • $0.50 fee for bank transfer
  • no bookkeeping back-end or tool
  • can have as many payment accounts as we want
  • can have a debit card attached to a payment account
    • "one to one" system sometimes fails
    • failure mode may be acceptable for our use case

Old list to unpack

from Kelly to Noisebridge <> date Tue, Oct 5, 2010 at 16:47 subject accounting software / websites mailed-by hide details 10/5/10 Wherein you are invited to disclose your opinions on things you will never take any action on yourself! A rare Noisebridge opportunity!

Here's the deal: I, your new treasurer, already hate (our current bookkeeping system). I'm planning to finish out 2010 using xero, but I'll have a good 9 months of 2011 to look forward to, and they could be accounting bliss. That's the fantasy.

Here are features we need:

  • import and reconcile transactions from Wells Fargo, Paypal & Square.
  • keep repeating invoices for membership dues and an option to have the member invoiced automatically via email.
  • some smart suggestions to reconcile incoming transactions with their matching invoices (xero is betarded at this. It searches only by amount, not by name and amount)
  • custom categories for flagging transactions as various types of expenses and income to make taxes easier
  • some reasonably convenient way to output data (graphs and reports would be nice, but good clean csv files would do. I can matplotlib that shit.)
  • clear tracking of unpaid invoices
  • Reasonably forgiving and customizable system (i.e. xero won't let you delete invoices once created, you can only mark them invalid. Not A Feature.)
  • generate receipts easily
  • web-based or linux-compatible local app. Some sort of remote data

storage and ability to access from multiple machines is required.

Here are features that would make me especially super happy:

  • direct access to the full details of paypal or square transactions

(i.e. notes to the payee, etc)

  • really smart algorithms for invoice reconciliation, alteration and

deletion (i.e. delete invoices for this member during these dates or change the invoice amount on individual invoices without affecting repeating invoices)

  • an interface which isn't bleeding edge flash that trips up in Linux.