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DANE MAXWELL: I tell you what, like I need to study copywriting more. I feel kind of like a fool when it comes to copywriting. I teach copywriting and I’m like I really need to learn this stuff better. The more I learn about copy the more abundant my life is. I’ve act ually been thinking about this scale of abundance. I’m thinking about it in the areas in my life that I don’t have abundance, what is preventing me from having it? So right now, I would say that while I do have women in my life, I don’t feel abundant in that area.
I was thinking about the scale of abundance and I feel like any area where it’s not fully there, there are a couple things in place. Usually I find myself clinging and grasping to an outcome and/or feeling lack and/or not giving 100 percent of my attention to that are a aka not being present in that area. What I’ve noticed, if I see a very attractive beautiful woman, the kind that resonates with me, beautiful inside and out and you can tell by the way a woman carries herself if she’s this way, I can pick it up in an instant. I can read people’s energy pretty quick.
If it’s a girl in this kind of category for me, I immediately I will kind of freeze a little and I’ll start to cling or grasp to an outcome that I’d like to have. In that moment, I am not in a state of abundance. Now how can I ever approach a relationship with this girl even as a friend or even as more if I am totally clinging and grasping on that situation. So that prevents me from abundance there. This totally applies in business. If you’re clinging and grasping to percentages of your company, where you know you should be giving them away so you can focus on other parts of your company or, if you’re clinging and grasping to not giving percentages of your sales away as an affiliate commission to bring more customers in, because you want to keep more of your profit, how is that clinging and grasping keeping you from more abundance thereto?
Since taking the wealth dynamics profile test figuring out I’m a creator and that creators are supposed to give percentages to their company away so they can go and create more pies, because it really is an abundant world and you can create as many pies as you want. Anyway, so the scale of abundance I found what prevents me from doing that is clinging and grasping and not giving 100 percent of my attention and being fully present in that moment with that activity. Wrapping this back to copywriting, I really feel like my life has become really abundant. I don’t really have lack in any area of my life at all.

Conjugal Business Practices

Some more fun stuff out there for the intrepid surfer about lessons learned from click fraud, bait & switch scams, and treating one's business as though it were a conjugal visit ... but that's about all this fnord can stand to process ... for now.


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