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[edit] Dane Maxwell's Brightest Protégé?

To the poster of this page/message.

My name is Sam Ovens and I saw this because i have google alerts set up for "Sam Ovens".

This is not spam or an SEO scheme.

I am an Entrepreneur from New Zealand and started, I will be visiting San Francisco from May 8 - May 12.

I have been invited by a group of people in San Fran to speak on May the 9th @ 07:30pm @ Noisebridge in the Mission.

I'm sure if you check the bookings you will see this is correct.

Neither The Foundation, Dane Maxwell or myself have anything to do with spam, dodgy SEO etc.

I'd appreciate it if you could please remove your post or adjust it.


-Sam Ovens


[edit] Dodgy SEO

"Neither The Foundation, Dane Maxwell or myself have anything to do with spam, dodgy SEO etc."

Right on! Well ... okay, if you say so. Sure thing!


Nothing personal Sam. Just due dilligence. Maybe a bit overdue, for you too?

Let us not dwell too long on the blackhat seo linkfarms and other noise on the way to the money shot!

[edit] It's All Spam Compliant!

Dane: E-mail marketing to a rented list or a purchased list and then promoting a very valuable piece of information to them so that it’s not perceived as spam. And then getting them to opt-in to my permission list on a lever and then following up to see what their problems are so I can help them solve them there.
Andrew: So, what you were doing was buying lists, which sounds like spam though.
Dane: I haven’t done it for probably a year, but that’s how I started. I think I started in ’06 or ’07 actually, buying or renting a list or doing an endorsed promotion. So, I’ve got all the RE/MAX brokers’ e-mail addresses. I can send them out and be like, “Hey, do you need any help recruiting?” That’s exactly what’s on their mind all the time. So when it comes in, I’m identified with them. Do you need help recruiting? They’re like, yes. They don’t even stop to consider that it would be spam. It might be spam, but it’s all spam compliant with the unsubscribe and people can unsubscribe. So, I don’t think of it as spam, really.

[edit] 100% Viagra Free!

Andrew: Okay. All right. Okay. So you started recently doing some pay per click. You also get e-mail addresses off the Web. How else do you get, or how else in the past did you get people to your site to give you their e-mail address, to take action on that squeeze page that you created?
Dane: That’s it.
Andrew: That’s it?
Dane: Yeah, yeah.
Andrew: Okay. All right. To me, actually, between you and me that does sound a little bit like spam. If you’re taking people’s e-mail addresses and sending them offers that they didn’t ask for, that does seem intrusive.
Dane: Yeah. You’ll get like one percent of the people might say something.
Andrew: Okay.
Dane: But in the end there’s more value being created with the world, and I’m not sending offers for Viagra or sex stimulants. I’m saying, here’s some information that will help you with recruiting. If you want it, it’s here. If not, no problem.

[edit] Dripping the Marketing

Andrew: [...] You’ve talked about automation throughout this interview so far. How are you automating, and what kind of automation are you using?
Dane: The simplest, most effective is, I think, AWeber auto responders.
Andrew: Where you get someone’s e-mail address and through Aweber, you give them a response right away, and then maybe a response in a couple of days and then another e-mail after that. And you just keep dripping the marketing to them.
Dane: Yeah. An example sequence would be, meet five of the most successful recruiters in the country. And so, they put their e-mail address in, and every day they get an auto responder message where I introduce them and they learn from one of the top recruiters in the country that I interview. And each of these top five recruiters just so happens to use my product, and so they really want the product after they go through that.

[edit] Scale My Mom for Massive Revenue?

Andrew: All right. Actually before I continue with this list, the one thing that’s in my mind now, and I’m sure is in my audience’s mind, is the way that you acquire the users in the first place. If we leave them with a system that depends on them going out and grabbing e-mail addresses off the Web, they’re not going to do it and it’s also not the right way for them to build their business right now. So how else do you do it, or how else can this whole system get started?
Dane: Google pay per click is a good way.
Andrew: Okay.
Dane: I think grabbing the e-mails and sending them is one of the best things that ever happened to me.
Andrew: Really? You would just go on different websites. You find e-mail addresses of the real estate brokers. You say, they’re probably going to be customers of mine. I’ll add them to a list. Actually, no one would take those e-mail addresses. You can’t take them to AWeber, put them in there and start soliciting.
Dane: No.
Andrew: You can’t put them in your Gmail account, because if you get enough spam complaints, they’ll shut you off.
Dane: That’s why you don’t send spammy stuff.
Andrew: So you still use your Gmail account?
Dane: I use Vertical Response, and I’ll use my Gmail account. A lot of times I’ll personally e-mail one broker at a time or copy like 10 brokers into the BCC that might all be from one state. I’ve also done, where I’ve hired someone from to cold call Keller-Williams offices and offer them a free report on 14 items, things agents are looking for in an office and asking for their e-mail address on the phone there.
Andrew: Oh, interesting. Okay., that’s the website.
Dane: Yeah, yeah.
Andrew: So essentially, you did a squeeze page by phone?
Dane: Yeah.
Andrew: All right. That doesn’t seem to scale, does it?
Dane: Well, if massive revenue is your objective, probably not.

[edit] Irresistable Penmanship

Andrew: How do you do it? How do you make an offer irresistible?
Dane: [...] How are you good at writing offers? You copy sales letters by hand. That’s the skill.
Andrew: You take a sales letter that you like. You sit down with a pen and paper, and you write it out?
Dane: By hand, and no, you don’t take one you like because that would be going back to I didn’t put lead capture on my site because I wouldn’t do it.
Andrew: Oh, okay.

[edit] The Complete Idiot's Guide to Legitimate Business

Dane: Now, not only are you being an idiot about that, but you’re also sacrificing the success of your business by not using tested principles. So you take sales letters that you know that work.
Andrew: Okay.
Dane: [...] You want to pull up ads by Eugene Schwartz. He’s one of the greatest copywriters of all time, and you’re going to want to copy his ads by hand. You want to copy at least five. And you want to do it . . . like if the first hour of the morning was revenue generation, I would consider copying sales letters by hand revenue generation. [...] By the time you’ve copied the fifth Eugene Schwartz ad . . . like Eugene Schwartz, he’s written ads that have pulled in, like, millions and millions, hundreds of millions of dollars actually from copywriting. His headlines will be like, “How to burn disease out of your body using nothing more than the palm of your hand.” It’s awesome, right? It’s like a Chinese doctor. It’s all legitimate. He’s not lying. Good copywriting doesn’t mean you’re deceitful. It’s just finding the path of least resistance.

Deep thoughts, good stuff! And there's so much more!

[edit] Fellating John D. Rockefeller

Dane Maxwell's recommended course of intensive penmanship-based study has produced (reports of) life changing results!

Dane was successful enough to take months off from work
to travel the world, read (then summarize) an 800 page
biography on Rockefeller.  It changed my life.  He said
it changed his.  I hope this post changes yours. [...]

***EMAIL FROM DANE MAXWELL****************************

Just a heads up…

This email is completely unrelated to any
product or service I provide.

But I hope by sharing my passion with you,
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Here goes nothing:

I just finished reading a life changing
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Ever heard of it?

It’s the 800 page biography on John D. Rockefeller,
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I don’t usually say this, but this book transformed my life.

Rockefeller was the most
successful business man in

He gave more to charity than any other man before him.

He helped black education at a time
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very first medical research centers.

Wikipedia pegs his net worth at 600 BILLION
(even though he’s dead).


Why am I telling you this?

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I spent over 80 hours reading the book and condensing
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It’s yours, completely free, my gift to you.

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I took John D’s personality traits, skills,
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Do you think you could learn something from one of the most
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Do you think you could become a better broker owner?
A better Realtor? A better husband/wife? A better friend?
A more charitable person?

I poured my heart into this piece of work, and I want
to share it with you, in hopes that it touches your
life in some way.

You can get the PDF here:

Print it out, read it…


Let me know what you think,
Dane Maxwell
Founder –
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Wow. Now we're cooking with gas!

As in any epic saga of trollish ass-hattery, the astute reader may discern some fragrant vapors of internal conflict and Development of Character. Let us return to Dane's mixergy debacle to learn more about this fascinating specimen and his reading habits!

[edit] Henching for teh Foreclosure King

Dane: [...]“Rich Dad, Poor Dad” taught me to work to learn. Instead of working for money, you work to learn, and this changes everything.
It changes everything because I read that book. I called up my uncle who owned a RE/MAX office and I said, “Hey, I just read ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’ and it talks about real estate. I want to learn about real estate. Can I come work for you? I don’t want any money. Don’t pay me anything. I just want to learn.”
And Rob, he’s the foreclosure king here in Des Moines, he did more foreclosures than any other office. I worked in his foreclosure department, going to the houses, setting them up and cleaning them out and all this. But I didn’t want to get paid anything. He still pai d me. I said, “Rob, I don’t want this. I just want to work to learn.” And that is why I’m here today talking to you now because that’s when I got to see all the problems in real estate and be able to solve them, all because I wasn’t worried about the money and working to learn.

Right on! So, young Dane got some good experience cleaning out foreclosed houses in Des Moines. And taking personality tests!

[edit] Personality Tests

Andrew: Work to learn with everything. You also said personality tests that you took helped you to understand yourself and to change things. What’s that personality test? That’s another book and I didn’t take down the name.
Dane: Yeah, yeah. That was life changing. When most people take personality tests, they’re like, oh, I’m a driver. I’m a this; I’m a that. They just have one word. They’ll spend 40 minutes going through a personality test, and they’ll be like, oh cool, I’m a driver. This is like four words. You just completely bumped the effectiveness of that personality test. What happened, the reason my life changed was because I dived into my type and I found out my unhealthy habits and my unhealthy states. I’m an enthusiast and I’m an achiever.

Well now. That's some powerful stuff. But seriously ... can this get any more ridiculous?

[edit] Abundance

DANE MAXWELL: I tell you what, like I need to study copywriting more. I feel kind of like a fool when it comes to copywriting. I teach copywriting and I’m like I really need to learn this stuff better. The more I learn about copy the more abundant my life is. I’ve act ually been thinking about this scale of abundance. I’m thinking about it in the areas in my life that I don’t have abundance, what is preventing me from having it? So right now, I would say that while I do have women in my life, I don’t feel abundant in that area.
I was thinking about the scale of abundance and I feel like any area where it’s not fully there, there are a couple things in place. Usually I find myself clinging and grasping to an outcome and/or feeling lack and/or not giving 100 percent of my attention to that are a aka not being present in that area. What I’ve noticed, if I see a very attractive beautiful woman, the kind that resonates with me, beautiful inside and out and you can tell by the way a woman carries herself if she’s this way, I can pick it up in an instant. I can read people’s energy pretty quick.
If it’s a girl in this kind of category for me, I immediately I will kind of freeze a little and I’ll start to cling or grasp to an outcome that I’d like to have. In that moment, I am not in a state of abundance. Now how can I ever approach a relationship with this girl even as a friend or even as more if I am totally clinging and grasping on that situation. So that prevents me from abundance there. This totally applies in business. If you’re clinging and grasping to percentages of your company, where you know you should be giving them away so you can focus on other parts of your company or, if you’re clinging and grasping to not giving percentages of your sales away as an affiliate commission to bring more customers in, because you want to keep more of your profit, how is that clinging and grasping keeping you from more abundance thereto?
Since taking the wealth dynamics profile test figuring out I’m a creator and that creators are supposed to give percentages to their company away so they can go and create more pies, because it really is an abundant world and you can create as many pies as you want. Anyway, so the scale of abundance I found what prevents me from doing that is clinging and grasping and not giving 100 percent of my attention and being fully present in that moment with that activity. Wrapping this back to copywriting, I really feel like my life has become really abundant. I don’t really have lack in any area of my life at all.

[edit] Conjugal Business Practices

Some more fun stuff out there for the intrepid surfer about lessons learned from click fraud, bait & switch scams, and treating one's business as though it were a conjugal visit ... but that's about all this fnord can stand to process ... for now.


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