Technoactivism Mondays

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Hashtag: #TA3M

Techno-Activism Third Mondays is an informal meetup designed to connect techno-activists and hacktivists in the Bay area who work on or with circumvention tools, and are interested in anti-censorship and anti-surveillance tech. Goals include:

  • Networking opportunities for people in the techno-activism and circumvention tools communities.
  • Provide individuals with space for collaborative problem solving, to meet new friends, and recruit for projects.
  • Introduce newbies into the community so as to diversify the circumvention tech community.

We meet at 6PM at Noisebridge on the third monday of every month. N

We're the cousin meet up to the New York event held by OpenITP.

If you have ideas for workshops or talks, or just want to attend please ping

Most of the ongoing documentation lives on the canonical wiki page over on yonder OpenITP wiki