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Programming • Hardware • 3D Printing • Woodworking • Art • Science • Craft • Robotics • Security • Sewing


We are Noisebridge. Noisebridge is a hackerspace for technical-creative projects, doocratically run by everyone. We are a non-profit educational institution intended for public benefit. We have a 5,200 square-foot space located in the heart of San Francisco. We teach, we learn, we share. Read more about Noisebridge or watch a short video.

We are committed to providing a safe space to work, learn, and play. Please read and understand our anti-harassment policy and community standards. This is how we expect people to behave when they are at Noisebridge, and you should also expect this standard of behavior from others in the space.

Noisebridge is facing displacement. We hope to increase our Patreon donors to $20,000 per month. Consider donating here.

Noisebridge continues to operate entirely through monetary donations from people like you! Please consider contributing to our operating expenses of over $6,500/mo by making a donation.

The Noisebridge wiki has some new restrictions to help combat spam and harassment. If you're logged in with a newer user account and having trouble creating a page or uploading a file, follow these instructions or reach out to a Noisebridger with an established account. Not sure how to find one? Ask around in the space or come to a Tuesday meeting.