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:* 19:00 [[Cook-in class]] Bring your ideas/food/appetite and try your hand at cooking.<br>
:* 19:00 [[Cook-in class]] Bring your ideas/food/appetite and try your hand at cooking.<br>
:* '''20:00-22:00 [[Frontend Web Development]]''' - Learn HTML/CSS/JS. We'll cover the basics (starting at 19:30) and then go in-depth on different topics every week.<br>
:* '''20:00-22:00 [[Frontend Web Development]]''' - Learn HTML/CSS/JS. We'll cover the basics (starting at 19:30) and then go in-depth on different topics every week.<br>
== Tuesday ==
:* 15:00 - 16:30 [[Linux System Administration Study Group]] meets in the Turing classroom. Help us develop a [https://www.noisebridge.net/wiki/Linux Linux section] for the wiki. We're working with Git as of May 2012.<br>
:* 16:30 [[Intro to SQL Databases]] Database programming and design using MySQL. Every Tuesday in Turing classroom.<br>
:* 18:00 [[C and assembler on Linux]] This is a study group working at a beginner's level with gcc and nash. <br>
<!-- On hiatus AFAIK, no power to kitchen ** 18:00 [[Tastebridge]] Last Tuesday of every month: Vegan Hacker: Vegan Cooking Class. More info http://www.veganhackerSF.com. -->
:* 19:00-21:00 [[Backend web dev in Ruby on Rails]]<br>
:* 19:00 [[Tastebridge]] / [[Vegan Hacker]] Monthly Food Hacking, last Tuesday of every month, 7pm. http://www.veganhackersf.com<br>
<!-- On haitus? Pls update ** 19:00 [[Origami|Learn You A Origami!]] - Learn how make folded-paper models. Beginners welcome!-->
<!-- On hiatus as of 3/29/2011 ** 19:30 [[Probability]] study group -->
<!-- On hiatus --  pls update 3/29/11 ** 19.30 [[Show and Tell]] -- Show your latest and greatest projects and hacks (working or in-progress), just before the weekly meeting. We meet in the Electronics Lab/Main Space.  -->
:* 19:30 [[Spacebridge]] - Noisebridge's space program<br>
:* '''20:00 [[Meetings|Noisebridge Weekly Meeting]]''' - Introducing new people and events to the space, general discussion, and decision making.<br>
<!-- ** 21:00 *nix on Thinkpad Anonymous - Come, grab a drink, complain about how it just doesn't work -->
:* 22:00 [[SF Grey Hat Meetup]] If you have to ask you probably shouldn't show up. next meeting 3/13 will cover metasploit, vote for next topic<br>
== Wednesday ==
:* 18:00 [[Replicator Wednesday|Replicator Wednesday]]! Learn about 3D printing and its implications. '''Currently in a Workgroup/Demonstrative state''' (You can still learn, but you may not be able to print hands-on for a few more weeks).<br>
:* 19:00-20:30Laser Learning & Collaboration: Come learn how to use Noisebridge's 40 Watt Laser cutter/engraver to engrave photos & content on to different materials such as acrylics and woods. In addition learn how to cut through pieces of material to create cool stencils and other things. The first hour of this class introduces new people on safety and operating procedure of the laser. The second part is for collaboration and idea sharing. <br>
:* 18:00 [[LinuxDiscussion|Linux Discussion]] - Linux meetup in the Turing classroom.<br>
<!-- ** 18:00 [[BioBridge]] Practical microbiology (''on hiatus, please update'') - we culture microbes for baking, brewing, fermentation and other yummy purposes. Come play and learn! -->
:* 19:00 [[PyClass]] - Learn how to program using the Python programming language. New "series" starts December 5th!
:* 19:00 [[SCoW]] - Sewing, Crafting, Or Whatever! Come make cool stuff with geeks.<br>
:* 20:00 [[BACE Timebank]] (2nd Wednesdays) - Help organize community mutual aid by trading in equal time credits.  To join go to [http://bace.org bace.org].<br>
== Thursday ==
:* [[House_Keeping#Trash_and_Recycling|Trash Night]]  - Take out the trash for Friday morning!
:* 18:30 [[Social_Engineers|Social Engineers]] 6.30pm- late. onwards Noisebridge's weekly attempt to hack its own social conundrums (including organizing, long-term planning, and consensus) using data, science, and heavy machinery. Email danny@spesh.com or join us on the [https://www.noisebridge.net/mailman/listinfo/socialengineering mailing list].
:* 19:00 [[Machine_Learning|Machine Learning]] 7:00pm, come in and learn about statistical learning techniques.
:* 19:00 [[Noisedroid/Nights]] - An Android-Themed Co-working Night.
:* 19:00 [[german_corner|German Corner]] Learn and practice speaking German.
:* 20:00 [[Frontend_Web_Development#Lab|Frontend Web Development Lab]] - Understand by doing! A recap of Monday's lecture in workshop form - and a good time for one-on-one help with the material.
:* 20:00 [https://www.noisebridge.net/mailman/listinfo/zine ZinesFromOuterSpace] - A weekly meetup for zinesters / printing hackers / DIY publishers, and brainstorming session for the next chapter of [[zine | ZiP]].
== Friday ==
== Saturday ==
== Sunday ==
:* 13:00 [[PerlStudy]] - Helping each other learn perl and all of its goodness. (Still happening? No one was around May 13).
:* 14:00 [http://baha.bitrot.info/ Bay Area Hacker's Association - security meeting] (2nd Sundays)
:* 15:00 [[Go]] - Playing of the Go boardgame. On nice days we often take the boards to Dolores Park and play there.
:* 18:00 Lock Sport Collaboration: Come learn how to pick locks with others.
<!--Happening? pls update ** 17:00 [[Rsync Users Group]] - A twelve step program for those who have poor *nix habits.-->
:* 19:00[[Hack Politics]] -- 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month.  Hack the political systems.  (Still happening? No one was around May 20).

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