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Thanks for taking a look at this template.

Goal: Create a bit more connectedness between the pages of active users of Noisebridge and Noisebridge Wiki.

If you know someone is active, please add this template to the bottom of their page with a note in the changelog that they should feel free to revert it.

Todo: Make the template not shit. We modded another template to quickly make this one.

Not sure if it was JJ or HH cups, probably the smaller but I always had low set breasts and by that size they were already getting quite low on my torso and started to look beyond "curvy" and into "too big" on my body given that I have no hips or legs there's only so much boob that can look balanced and voluptous, after that I started to feel disproportionate and their weight started to become a problem to carry. Also I had settled at around that size on my 2nd spurt so I felt that they were already too big and heavy but glad it stopped there for a couple of years until they started growing again and none of that has been welcome juts aggravating the issues I had to begin with. Still... I do like my boobs as part of me and I do enjoy them myself.

As much as I would like to see bustier people as standard characters in media. Huge boobs play such an important part of our lives in our personality, insecurities, and silly decisions that if they were into mainstream media it would inevitably be sexualised and definitely something frowned up on. I would love a world where that wasn't true, but sadly that's not ours. So... I understand why they don't do it, and I just accept it. If they casted someone with bigger boobs (H+) for any show, it would inevitably get a huge crowd of pervs jerking off to her online and getting the wrong kind of audience, and for mainstream media it would be hard to fight. I know Kelly Brooke is in some english TV show, I haen't watched it yet but I am very curious to see how much is her characther the "busty girl" vs a "one more human in the cast" regarding her episodes.