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You are standing in the Noisebridge Text Adventure.

You see a game design document.

EXITS: 272

> Blinkingcursor.gif

The Noisebridge Text Adventure is an experiment in making exploring Noisebridge more fun by turning the wiki pages into a navigable text adventure game-like experience.


This is the basic template for adding a text adventure box to any page that is a "place" within Noisebridge or a physical resource located within the space.

{{blackbox}} [[File:Picturena,e.jpg|right|400px]] You are standing in FILL IN THE BLANK. There is DESCRIPTION.


'''EXITS:''' [[Exit Links]]


  • Added entry point to the front page.
  • Added text adventure boxes to most 272 sub-pages.

Future Plans

  • Make a working text input field so you can actually type commands into it.


  • We might actually make an Inform-based version with an actual text prompt and more hidden challenges and interactivity in the future.
  • Some Easter eggs might get embedded to make exploring more rewarding for those who want to find them.