The Fifth Estate v. WikiLeaks: Unraveling Fact from Fiction in Hollywood's Dramatization of the WikiLeaks Story

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The Fifth Estate v. WikiLeaks

Friday, October 11, 5:30 p.m.

From the halls of Washington to the streets of Tunis, the names Julian Assange and WikiLeaks have proven not only impossible to ignore, but cataclysmic in both the worlds of politics and journalism. Now the first major Hollywood film adaptation is about to be released, but how accurately does it reflect reality?

Electronic Frontier Foundation legal Director Cindy Cohn, Wired Senior Reporter Kim Zetter, Forbes senior online editor Kashmir Hill, and Freedom of the Press Foundation co-founder Rainey Reitman will discuss what the film gets right and wrong during a lunchtime panel discussion. Each have followed WikiLeaks closely for many years and, in fact, both EFF and Zetter are name-checked in the film.

The panel discussion will begin at noon, so take a long lunch on Friday and join us. (We unfortunately can't bring in lunch, but you are welcome to bring you own.) The discussion also will be filmed and posted to the Freedom of the Press Foundation website.

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