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Add to this page an item that you want, with your name (4 tildes sign your name if you are logged in). If you have something on this page to give away, talk to the person.

  • a cert from a CA that is trusted in most browsers root ca's so no more untrusted cert crap (yes certs suck, we could also not use https by default)
  • a pony (pwnie would do)

keyword = wishlist to find this page more easily .

  • 20 folding chairs -- something like [1]
  • 4 or 5 folding banquet tables
  • Dust Mop -- similar to [2]
  • String Mop & Bucket -- your standard string-headed mop and yellow wheeled bucket
  • Lightbulbs
  • Trashcans -- 4 large kitchen-style trash cans
  • Payphone - Something that is suitable for installation outside of the building on the street.
  • Wall Dividing Bookcase -- Something like [3] that is free-standing, wide and tall