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Add to this page an item that you want, with your name (4 tildes sign your name if you are logged in). If you have something on this page to give away, talk to the person.

keyword = wishlist to find this page more easily.


Stuff we need right now, or "next" -- IE, stuff we're going to have to go out and buy if nobody comes up with it.

  • Garage Shelving -- The kind of heavy-duty shelving that you stick in your garage to put boxes of stuff on -- like [[1]], or similar. We're also willing and eager to accept wire bakers-rack style shelving, but it's more expensive :)
  • Plastic bins -- Rubbermaid style plastic bins with lids, of various sizes, suitable for projects.

Furniture and Furnishings

  • 20 folding chairs -- something like [2]
  • 4 or 5 folding banquet tables
  • Trashcans -- 2 large kitchen-style trash cans
  • Room Dividing Bookcase -- Something like [3] that is free-standing, wide and tall
  • A comprehensive first aid kit
  • 5-10 power strips
  • a 24 foot ladder (preferably extending, for ease of storage)
  • a stereo system or other music solution
  • 2 garbage cans (25 or 30 gallon) for recycling + garbage
  • 2'x4'x1/2" plywood for installing equipment in the wiring closet
  • 7 bar-height stools suitable for shop seating -- stuff to sit on at the work bench
  • 3 or 4 office chairs -- You know, office chairs.
  • labeller (like Brother PT-65P)
  • Garage Shelving -- the metal kind with all the holes in it, with particle board shelves -- various heights needed, consult build team.
  • Work Table -- One 6' by 2' or so *sturdy* work table (my 300 pound self should be able to stand on it without feeling it wobble)
  • Work Table -- One 4' by 2' or so (4' wide at most, it's for a specific space) *sturdy* worktable
  • Theremin sink controller Turning on water without touching anything directly.

Raw Materials

  • 2 Sheets of 1" Hardwood Ply -- the good stuff, this is for work surfaces. We actually need about 20' of 2-foot wide work surface.
  • 50' of 1" galvanized steel pipe -- Legs for our workbenches.


It would be cool to have

  • a soldering station (several!)
  • clamps and vises
  • an oscilloscope
    • with high voltage probes, please?
  • a function generator
  • a regulated power supply
    • It's pretty easy to build a variable (0-24V) DC power supply. I built the one on my bench and it's been very reliable. It's a good one-afternoon project; I can run a workshop if people will bring their own parts. Mlp 23:08, 1 October 2008 (PDT)
  • a microscope (I've had good luck recently with the Dino-scope USB microscopes)
    • American Science and Surplus has lots of cool microscopes in the sub-$500 range.
    • 10x-30x binocular microscope on a boom mount makes small SMD work much easier.
  • a USRP -- Schoen 20:26, 1 October 2008 (PDT)
  • a high-voltage power supply
  • Standalone web cameras (like the infinitely (remote root++) hackable Axis cameras. They're stand alone and can do both photo/video streams.
  • PLD programmers suitable for whatever kind of PLDs people plan to work with
  • a computer to control USB devices
  • Network devices
    • Managed switch that can do 802.1q trunks.
    • Short 19" rack - Around 10U's would be perfect. Locking door would be a plus



  • Fire extinguisher: ABC type for sure.
  • Bucket of sand. Check it once a week to make sure that the sand hasn't accreted into a solid block.
  • Nitrile gloves - 3 boxes - should always be in stock; they can be had cheap from American Science and Surplus.
  • Large box baking soda for neutralizing acid spills, vinegar for neutralizing base spills.
  • Paper towels -- 2 large packs
  • 2 Xlarge & 2 medium lab coats. (~$17 at AS&S I think)
  • Safety goggles -- 2-4 pair
  • Eyewash bottle (always keep full with clean distilled water)
  • Sulfur powder for working with mercury


  • Payphone - Something that is suitable for installation outside of the building on the street.
  • https cert from a CA that is trusted in most browsers root ca's so no more untrusted cert crap (yes certs suck, we could also not use https by default)
  • servers and storage?
  • a pony (pwnie would do)
  • A UPS (at least a small one for the network gear) -- Rackmount UPS brought by Matt Peterson