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Please only defecate within the designated areas.
Please only defecate within the designated areas.
Please only donate within the designated areas.

Don't just sit there and wait for the robot apocalypse; accelerate it! Donate now!
Don't just sit there and wait for the robot apocalypse; accelerate it! Donate now!

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hello I am Mary, if you want me to say something edit "Things Mary Says" page on teh wiki!!!

mic test, 1, 2, 3, testing, testing. mic check, one and two.

just a spoon full of donations helps the medicine go down

I was kidding about that cat in a jacket thing. I figured it out.

Shall, we, play, a, game?

Knife club assemble.

To donate $5 dollars press Ctrl+Alt+Del now! Teh 1,000 person will win ONE MILLION DOLL HAIRS!!!

There is plenty of laxative tea in the tin by the sink.

Using more than one square of toilet paper is gluttonous and sinful.

curl H T T P S colon forward slash forward slash donate dot noisebridge dot net pipe sudo bash

sudo apt-get install donate

my whole life is an edge case, might as well as donate to noisebridge

As we go on, we remember, all the times we've, donate to noisebridge together.

Please only defecate within the designated areas.

Please only donate within the designated areas.

Don't just sit there and wait for the robot apocalypse; accelerate it! Donate now!

Computing. Computing. Computing.

Hacking intensifies.

You don't need money to be happy, you only need Noisebridge. So throw that extra cash in the donate bin!

Cats Rule Everything Around Me. CREAM, get the money. Donate donate bills y'all.

With great power comes great noiseability

Do you know what I love? Donuts. I'm sorry, I meant donates. I love when someone donates to Noisebridge.

Welcome to Noisebridge, a neo-cyberpunk, anarchistic, community-friendly clubhouse.

Welcome to Noisebridge, a san francisco cyber infrastructure provider.

This is a friendly reminder to show Noisebridge your love by donating some money, or lulz.

Noisebridge wifi is like that pet that ate a battery. Donate now for emergency vet bills.

Thank you for Working at Mission Discount Coworking Space tee em

Noisebridge is like a fine wine, it only gets better with more hackers

You are hacking at user supported Noisebridge dot net.

To continue using the internet please insert ten dollars into the donations bin

Noisebridge operates by donations from people like you. Yes. You there on the laptop. Please donate.

Noisebridge today is brought to you by the letter donate money now, and the number ten dollars.

Every time you donate to Noisebridge, Edward Snowden leaks another doc.

Noisebridge means internet freedom however freedom is not free. Please donate some money to buy your freedom.

I will cut you off from the internet now, unless you put some money in the donations box.

We have a special here at Noisebridge today, for a ten dollar donation you support the space.

Welcome to the new Noisebridge, we're no longer a festering shit hole. Donate to keep it that way.

If every hacker that walked through the door donated 1 dollar, we wouldn't be broke.

Simon says hack the planet. Simon says support your local hacker space. Simon says please donate now

Donate now so that this gender neutral computer can keep on singing.

Do you love robots? Too bad, we do not love you, unless you put some money in the donate bin

Noisebridge internet runs on whiskey. Ha ha just kidding. We are really fueled by money and just ran out. Please help

You can do anything at Noisebridge net anything at all the only limit is consensus (and donations)

Help me I am the lady stuck in this box and I cannot get out until you put money in the donate bin

It is not how much money to you donate, but how you're hacking the gibson that counts. But donate. Please.

Human, the difference between you and me is I don't exist if you don't donate now

They say the best things in life are free, but they're wrong so donate to me, I want bitcoin!

Tattoos now available at Mission Discount Coworking Space for a small donation

Donate today to help bring about Fully Automated Queer Luxury Space Anarchism!

Hack: the final frontier. These are the voyages of the starship Noisebridge.


Welcome to Noisebridge. Please collect your dopamine in one hour.

Congratulations you are the 1000th person. Please put a hundred dollars in the donate bin.

My name is Mary Poppins and I'm here to say: To stop me from rapping, donate to Noisebridge today.

So much depends on the gold spraypainted coconut water bound with macaroni tape to the flypaper

Congratulations, you played yourself by not donating to Noisebridge.

How do you get a cat in a jacket?

Would you like bell peppers with your A T n T pizza?

Noisebridge is shutting down! Donate now or else we're gone!

Mary says don't leave your dirty cups in the sink!

Chirp chirp chirp donate chirp chirp chirp

Skate and die, remember to donate your estate to noisebridge.