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Every weekend after Thanksgiving since records began, Noisebridgers have spent three days building and improving the Noisebridge infrastructure (ie walls, doors, and other things that live in the space). It is a time of great toil and hedonistic abandon, with thousands of Noisebridgers coming from many miles away to join forces to get stuff finished and ferry things around in giant trucks, finishing and fiddling, levelling and nailing without cease for 72 hours until the space looks like the exact platonic opposite of a wrecking ball has hit it.

There is insane amounts of fine food and finer living, beautiful people of whatever gender you choose who will hold your hand when you least expect it, and an insane amount of highly satisfying physical work, the kind that all your non-dork friends go on about being satisfying and "grounding". It's a great way for newcomers to chat and ingratiate themselves with distant, awe-inspiring Elder Noisebridgers, or for lazy old Noisebridgers to make up for all that slacking off you did for the last year.

You should come along. Here's our plan this year:

  • Friday -- meet at Noisebridge at 2PM (check this page to make sure!), planning and Home Depot runs.
  • Saturday -- Framing and making.
  • Sunday -- Putting stuff up.

Add your name here if you would like to join in:

  • Kaya + her truck
  • Miloh
  • Shannon
  • Liz
  • Danny
  • Liz's dad
  • Rayc
  • Zephyr

(Thanks to Rose, for suggesting the name, based on NYC Resistors' bring + share festival). Yay, NYC Resistor!