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Do-ocracy | To-do-ocracy Thursdays | Edit
To-do-ocracy Thursdays are a time to get together and work on resources, events, guilds, and space-improving projects.
  • WHEN: 6-9pm Thursdays.
  • WHAT: We use the Trello task lists such as the [1] list.
  • WHERE: At 272 space and streaming proceedings with chat live on Jitsi for anyone doing remote tasks.
  • WHO: Anybody who wants to improve Noisebridge.
  • HOW: Show up during Meetings or on Thursdays or log into our Trello page [2] for more information.
  • CHANNELS: #taskmaster on Slack auto-updates with every new or updated Github task. #to-do-ocracy channel exists for discussing the process itself.
  • MAINTAINERS: User:senoraraton, User:culteejen, User:Lxpk

Current Focus

Currently prioritizing issues that have high impact in enabling more participation in the space (ex: help enable access / facilitate events…)

Regular Activities


  • To-do-ocracy 2.0 using Github tasks discussed at Tuesday meetings and worked on Thursday nights replaced the sprint-based Trello board at 272.
  • To-do-ocracy 1.0 used Trello and 2-week sprints at 2169.